Is Rapper Rob49 Dead or Alive? What Happened In Miami Gardens: Shooting Explained

Large-scale gunfire erupted during a French Montana music video, turning it into an awful incident where many people are alleged to have been hurt. On Thursday, January 5, 2022, a gunshot was fired as he was recording a music video in a Miami Gardens restaurant. Fans were interested to learn that Rob49 was among those shot last night, as rapper Ced Mogul divulged this information to the site. Does he still exist? Find out now!

What Happened In Miami Gardens: Shooting Explained

Numerous people were shot outside a restaurant on Thursday night in Miami Gardens, Florida (local time). According to media reports, rapper French Montana was filming a music video close by when the event took place.

A fight that started somewhere allegedly concluded at the eatery The Licking, where a shooting occurred, according to Miami Gardens Police. According to officials, several individuals suffered injuries. Following the incident, many neighbourhood shops and restaurants had to close.

Although the precise number of victims harmed in the incident has not been confirmed by the authorities, at least ten people were hurt, according to sources reported by local news agencies.

On the scene, there were numerous fire rescue and police vehicles. By 8 p.m., the police arrived, according to a nearby news source, but no one has been brought into custody as of yet. The injured may be seen lying on the ground as the shooting occurs in front of a restaurant called The Licking in Miami Gardens, Florida’s 17600 block of Northwest 27th Avenue. A video of the incident has already become extremely popular online.

Police Department of Orleans Statement The situation is currently being investigated. Detective Diana Gorge with the MGPD confirms that there have been numerous shootings and cases. We’re still working. Since everything is still brand-new and under investigation, we cannot guarantee any numbers. However, Montana’s security has also been hurt and is reportedly in a life-threatening situation. Royal Intel estimates that the gunshots wounded eleven people, but the names of the extra victims have not yet been released. The Ryder Trauma Center has received several patients.

Rapper Rob49
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Is Rapper Rob49 Dead or Alive?

In the terrifying encounter on January 5, 2023, Rob49, a well-known rapper from New Orleans who is only 23 years old, was shot. In Miami, he was shooting the music video for French Montana. The best part is that Rob49 managed to escape and is currently secure. According to the story, doctors still treat him while in the hospital. A journalist for music, Nicholas Liddle, tweeted that Rob49 is recovering well from the incident.

Robert Thomas, often known as Rob49, was born on March 6, 1999. He rose to fame for his songs about street hustlers and powerful videos inspired by his personal life. He has established a prosperous career in the music business. His initial goal was to become a nurse, but he pursued rapping as a lucrative career instead. Future, The Weeknd, and Meek Mill greatly influenced him. His parents were both incarcerated when he was a teenager. Although he began making music recordings in 2020, he also enjoyed rapping. But after his skills became apparent during a recording session with one of his friends, he began to hold regular sessions.

After that, everything about him, including his demeanour, altered dramatically. Rob49 began releasing music, such as Krazy Man, Vulture and 4our the World, to add to his mixtapes. He released another project in 2021 called 4GOD, and then his debut studio album, Welcome to Vulture Island. As a result of the success of these cassettes, the rapper now collaborates with Lamar Peters and Say Cheese creator Shawn Cotton.

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