Miami restaurant shooting: What happened in the French Montana music video shoot? 10 people shot badly, explained

Miami restaurant shooting

After a fight outside a South Florida restaurant, authorities said several people were injured.

It wasn’t immediately apparent how many individuals were shot on Thursday night. Still, according to a law enforcement source quoted by the Miami Herald, Up to ten individuals may have been hurt in the gunfire outside a soul food restaurant in Miami Gardens.

Delma Noel-Pratt, the police chief of Miami Gardens, claimed that investigators were investigating rumours that a film was being shot at the eatery.

According to Noel-Pratt, “We think it’s an isolated incidence.”

Diana Gourgue, a spokeswoman for the Miami Gardens Police Department, told reporters that she was unable to confirm claims that up to 10 people had been injured, adding that “for now it is simply several victims that were injured.”

There were no fatalities, she claimed, but the state of those injured was unknown.

She claimed there was a sizable gathering outside the restaurant when the incident occurred.

Rapper Rob 49 was reportedly there while a music video for rapper French Montana was being shot at the establishment, according to social media posts and local news sources.

Miami restaurant shooting
Image Source: New York Post

Mass Shooting in Miami Gardens- Explained:

On Tuesday night, multiple patients were rushed to the hospital following a mass shooting in Miami Gardens.

Before 8 p.m. on Thursday, a crowd had formed in front of the commercial complex’s The Licking restaurant.

The exact number of victims hurt in the shooting has not yet been confirmed by the authorities, although sources claim that at least ten people were injured.

At least four victims required air evacuation to receive medical care at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The unknown is their current condition.

What happened in the French Montana music video shoot?

Ced Mogul participated in a video production that was being filmed in the area around Northwest 177th Street and 27th Avenue.

There was a rapper involved named French Montana. The Licking and the area behind a KFC were two different scenarios.

Not all victims ended up in the same hospital; some were taken away by ambulance, while others drove themselves via a nearby fire station or private vehicle to a nearby hospital.

Numerous nearby stores and eateries were compelled to close due to the incident.

Who is the suspect?

On Thursday night, the sources said that officers attended The Licking Miami Gardens in response to a ShotSpotter alarm.

According to police, shots were fired outside the Licking restaurant following the argument that started in an unidentified location.

Several people were shot outside a restaurant in Miami Gardens on Thursday night. The police are looking into the event.

Around eight o’clock in the evening, it happened near the 2700 block of NW and 175th Street. It is unknown why the shooting occurred, and the police have not yet named the culprit.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred as the French Montana music video was being filmed. People started running in all directions as soon as they heard the gunfire.

The news outlet claims that numerous people suffered injuries. The state of their health is unknown. No one has been taken into custody as of yet.

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