Are Felix Mallard and Antonia Gentry dating?

Ginny and Marcus fans, assemble as we discuss some private information about our favorite Ginny and Marcus from Ginny and Georgia Season 2 actors. Numerous fandoms hold that Antonia Gentry, who plays Ginny, and Felix Mallard, who plays Marcus, have a romantic relationship outside of the context of the show, although this may not entirely be the case.

Even though Antonia and Felix have a hot romantic relationship on screen, their real-life relationship might not be the same. We are aware of the disappointment Ginny-Marcus fans feel as a result. But there’s nothing we can do about it other than wish we could at least get to see more of their on-screen chemistry. You’ve come to the right place if you’re also curious about their relationship status or who their real-life partner is. These facts about Felix and Antonia’s actual dating history are listed below.

Who is Felix’s Girlfriend?

Girls are ogling Marcus Baker like a celebrity now that the show has debuted. In addition, these hopeless romantic girls undoubtedly dug deep to learn if he is romantically involved or single in real life. Well, for all we know, Felix had spoken to his girlfriend in a conversation with Young Hollywood back in 2021, according to the reports. When asked who he texted first when Ginny and Georgia debuted, the actor replied, “Yeah, my girlfriend was straight on the jump. As soon as it was out, [she] binged it straight through. “.

According to rumors, this woman could be his former The Neighbourhood co-star Zoe Cramond. We cannot confirm Felix’s current relationship, however, because he hasn’t really shared much of his private life on social media.

Some Quick Facts About Felix Mallard And Much More
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Antonia may be dating someone

Numerous reports claim that Gentry has not really discussed her romantic life on social media. However, rumors suggest that Antonia may be romantically committed to her long-term partner, Ezra Pounds, whom she met at Davidson Fine Arts high school in Augusta, Georgia. The pair, it seems, started dating in 2012. The couple reportedly called it quits as of right now, though.

The most that Ginny and Georgia fans can hope for right now is that there will be another season, despite the fact that they are disappointed that Gentry and Mallard are not together in real life.

The age of Felix Mallard is 24. He was born in 1998, and today is his 20th birthday. His zodiac sign is Taurus as a result. Felix Mallard, who plays an American in Ginny & Georgia, is actually an Australian. He was raised by a professional fencer and was born in Melbourne, Australia. There is where he began his acting career before relocating to the US to work on other projects.

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