Who is Rishi Sunak? His Education and early life

Former investment banker and hedge fund manager Rishi Sunak is now in politics. Sunak was elected prime minister of the United Kingdom by his peers in October 2022, becoming the first non-White person to hold the position and, at age 42, the youngest to do so in more than a century. Sunak had previously worked in finance for several years before serving as a Conservative Party member of Parliament and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Sunak is admired by some and roundly criticized by others, like most politicians. In the opinion of supporters, his financial background makes him the ideal choice to guide Britain through one of its most trying economic times. Critics, on the other hand, assert that he is an example of inequality based on some of his well-documented past actions and claim that he is too wealthy and out of touch with the electorate.

 Rishi Sunak Education and early life

In 1980, Indian-born parents gave birth to Sunak in Southampton, England. His father and mother emigrated to America. K. in the 1960s, moved to southern England from East Africa, where they later got married. Then came three kids, starting with Rishi. Sunak’s mother owned a pharmacy, and his father practiced medicine. Rishi, who later assisted his mother with accounting, claimed that his parents’ work gave him the desire to serve the public and that their sacrifices allowed him to receive a top education.

After graduating from the prestigious Winchester College, a pricey private school, Sunak enrolled in Lincoln College, Oxford, where he studied philosophy, politics, and economics—a subject of interest to future prime ministers. Sunak was president of the Oxford Trading and Investment Society, which instructs students about financial markets and trading, while he was an undergraduate at Oxford University. Sunak also served as an intern at the Conservative Party’s national office.

UK PM Rishi Sunak to propose compulsory math up to the age of 18
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After graduating from Oxford in 2021, his love of investing led to a position as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, where he spent three years. After that, Sunak was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to attend Stanford University and complete an MBA. He met Akshata Murthy (also spelled Murty), the daughter of Indian billionaire and co-founder of the tech behemoth Infosys, while he was visiting the US. She would become his future wife. In 2009, Sunak and Murthy were wed. He had returned to the U. at that time. K. and working in the hedge fund sector, initially for The Children’s Investment Fund (TCI) and later for Theleme Partners.

Important Achievements

Sunak worked in finance for a number of prestigious companies prior to his quick ascent up the political ladder. He gained a thorough understanding of investing, creativity, and money management from these experiences, which could be useful in his position as prime minister and helped him increase his bank account. Sunak has amassed enormous wealth thanks to his career in finance and his wife’s ownership of Infosys. The Sunday Times estimates that the couple’s combined wealth is £730 million ($892 million).

Both blessings and curses have resulted from this wealth. It highlighted Sunak’s credentials as someone who is highly qualified to manage a country’s finances, on the one hand. On the other hand, it gave rise to accusations that he is unable to understand the severe cost of living crisis and financial struggles gripping many citizens of the nation he is in charge of managing.

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