According to police, London visitor Sean Patterson was the victim of a contract homicide in Jamaica

A 33-year-old British tourist was murdered in Jamaica was a “contract homicide” carried out by “unknown attackers,” according to local officials.

Image source- The Guardian

Sean Patterson, a personal trainer from west London, was discovered about midday on Monday with gunshot wounds to his upper chest and head near the pool of his holiday house in Bogue Hill, St James.

“Our investigation thus far has theorised that the murder was a contract killing that came from Britain,” Fitz Bailey, the police deputy commissioner, said on Wednesday.

The couple was there for New year’s eve.

Mr Bailey said that Mr Patterson landed in Jamaica soon before New Year’s Eve on December 29, together with another individual from London.

The couple stayed in an apartment for a few days before moving into the Bogue Hill villa on New Year’s Day.

Later that day, the two Britons met a third man from Kingston, and the three of them stayed in separate rooms at the guest house.

Mr Patterson and the Jamaican man were believed to have strolled to the villa’s pool around midday the next day, where the incident happened.

The Jamaican guy “said that his back was turned to Patterson when he heard numerous loud booms that sounded like gunfire,” according to Mr Bailey.

“He claimed seeing a lone individual clothed in a black hooded sweatshirt with a revolver shooting Patterson,” he explained.

The witness has run for his life.

Image source- The Sun

According to reports, the witness fled and hid in the bushes. Upon their arrival at the spot, cops discovered the 33-year-old victim on his back in a “pool of blood” with “what appears to be gunshot wounds to the upper-body and head”.

“There is no evidence Patterson was robbed,” Mr Bailey stated.

According to the commissioner, local authorities are collaborating with foreign allies, including British police, and making “substantial progress” in the investigation.

Mr Patterson’s mother informed the Daily Mail that her son was visiting the Caribbean island for the first time to meet the family.

‘No mother should have to bury her kid,’ says the author.

Lesley Wright, from west London, claimed her son had relations on his father’s side in Jamaica but had never seen them before he was slain.

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