Co-Founder of Dave & Buster’s, James ‘Buster’ Coley die

If you’ve ever visited Dave & Buster’s, you probably spent your evening eating bar food, watching sports, and playing games rather than thinking about the chain’s namesakes. You probably have no idea if Dave and Buster exist and have never considered it. But because you’re reading this, your interest must have peaked.

David Corriveau and James “Buster” Corley met in Little Rock, Arkansas, in early 1978 and formed Dave and Buster. At 24, Corriveau founded his first business, a “saloon and gaming parlour” named Cash McCool’s. Slick Willy’s World of Entertainment followed up on his triumph two years later.

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Corley managed Buster’s, a famous pub next door to Cash McCool’s that he founded in 1978. It immediately earned a reputation as a hangout for yuppies, local politicians, and some unsavoury people.

The neighbours immediately became friends, and by 1982, they’d decided to relocate to Dallas and open their own business, Dave & Buster’s. They controlled the firm as co-CEOs, with Corley in charge of food and beverage and Corriveau in order of gaming and entertainment.

What happened to James ‘Buster’?

He suffered a stroke four months ago, severely damaging his brain’s communication and personality parts.

According to sources, on Monday, Jan. 2—Coley’s birthday—law enforcement officers came to a Dallas property and located a man suffering from what seemed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and a spokesperson for the restaurant/arcade corporation confirmed Coley’s death to the outlet.

James ‘Buster’ Coley  Cause of Death

Dave & Buster’s Co-Founder, James ‘Buster’ Coley, dies by apparent suicide. He seemed to have self-inflicted a gunshot wound. James was promptly taken to the hospital. In the hospital, he died.

Police are currently investigating the event, and no definitive cause of death has been released.

What is the origin of the name Dave and Busters?

Dave and Buster dived headfirst into the building after being declared certifiably insane by many in the restaurant sector. They built the first Dave & Buster’s in December 1982, using Dave’s name first since he won a coin toss.

What exactly is a “Buster”? Rappers use the slang name “Buster” (sometimes written “Busta”) as a derogatory noun in their songs. It symbolizes someone who is disliked and weak.

Dave and Buster work in a variety of businesses.

They had worked in separate companies, with Corley running Buster’s and Corriveau running Cash McCool’s, a bar and gaming parlour.

They combined their company strategies to form Dave & Buster’s. Before launching the first Dave & Buster location in December 1982, the business partners settled on the name by a coin flip.

In 1989, Edison Brothers Stores purchased primary ownership of the restaurant, allowing them to expand into other locations. The business already had ten locations around the country in 1997.

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