Mike Ruben Dead: Ripley Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Dies Aged 65

The news that Mike Ruben, a local hero of Ripley and head of the Ripley Conference and Guests Bureau, passed and died at age 65 causes me to feel sad. The information about his death has been verified by the mayor of Ripley, Carolyn Rader, and is currently accessible online. He passed away early on Monday, and he was revered as a legend in his group and past. On social media, many of his family members expressed their grief at his passing, and this news tore the heart of his family.

How did Mike Ruben die?

Mike Ruben, the head of the Ripley Convention and Visitors Bureau and a hero in his hometown, died on Monday morning. The mayor of Ripley, Carolyn Rader, verified the news of his death.

In his town and beyond, Ruben, 65, was revered. Ruben had served as the Ripley Convention and Visitors Bureau and Museum’s director for several years.

He was fondly known as “Rube” and had a lengthy career in the media. Football, basketball, and baseball at Ripley High School were all broadcast by Ruben. He once acted as the Thundering Herd’s spokesperson.

Ruben was a distinguished editor for the regional Jackson County newspapers.
While working in radio, he won various prizes.

Regrettably, Mike Ruben died on Monday. Tributes poured in as soon as Ruben’s passing spread on social media.

Mike Ruben cause of death:

Along with working a full-time job, Ruben participated in various community projects.

Ruben served on the committee for the annual Fourth of July celebrations in Ripley. Despite the emotional loss of a close friend, Rader remarked, “He was such an enthusiastic guy to serve on the committee with.”

“He poured his heart and soul into Ripley’s love.” According to Rader, Ruben was an essential component of Ripley. Mike Ruben’s cause of death, however, was not made public.

Mike Ruben
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Tributes to Mike Ruben:

On behalf of Mike Ruben, a friend of mine. I love you until we cross paths again on that court or blue and white field. We ask for prayers for the Rubens’ family, friends, and the Ripley neighbourhood!

Many people will miss Mike Ruben because he was a true Viking. We have many beautiful memories of him calling our games, writing his articles, and spending Saturday nights in high school hanging out at his house and watching sports with him. His door was always open to us.

Unexpectedly, a great man passed away today! He was Ripley Athletics’ public face and spokesperson. Without Mike Ruben, women’s basketball for the Vikings won’t be the same. He was a fantastic representative for the entire Ripley community and our athletics. My friend, you will be missed. R.I.P.

Sad news about Mike “Rube” Ruben’s demise. It’s unfortunate for us, but Heaven is a better place. What am I to know? Because everywhere was better with Rube around. You set a high standard, my friend. May God grant his loved ones grace and consolation, including his friends and family.

I read posts about Mike “Rube” Ruben’s dying this morning and realised how many people were left without him.

He requested me to appear as a guest on his radio show two years ago, and once he entered “professional mode,” it was impossible to get him to stop until he was ready. Ruben was a wealth of information about West Virginia, but he was an expert on Ripley, his hometown. He was a REAL baseball man with a coach’s mentality and knew the names of every state high school mascot that had ever existed.

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