Who is Teresa Hanson? Wife charged with murder of husband, Paul Hanson

Concerning Paul Hanson’s passing, a lady has been accused of murder. To appear in Hull Magistrates Court today, 53-year-old West Cowick resident Teresa Hanson has been charged with murder and remanded in jail (Saturday, December 31).

On December 28, a man was reportedly stabbed, and police from Humberside were summoned to a residence on Little London Lane around 7:15 p.m. Despite the rescue services’ best efforts, the man tragically passed away soon after being admitted to the hospital.

Paul Hanson, 54, was his latter given name. The police stated that his family has requested privacy and received support from officers with specialised training.

Neighbours who knew Mr Hanson said he was a loving grandfather and father who frequently stopped for a visit. They were described as “a really wonderful family” by locals who had only recently seen him with his wife and daughter at the Snaith Christmas Market.

Paul Hanson murder:

Paul Hanson, a 54-year-old father of two, was attacked just three days after Christmas at his home in the East Yorkshire village of West Cowick.

After learning that the 54-year-old had been stabbed on December 28, police were dispatched to the house on Little London Lane around 7:15 p.m.

He was brought right away to the hospital, but sadly, he couldn’t be saved and was declared dead not long after.

The scene was located in the West Cowick village’s Little London Lane, and Mr Hanson, the site manager for Sword Construction UK, could be seen sitting in the driveway with his work vehicle.

Police began the homicide investigation and took Paul Hanson’s wife into custody.

The public was not at greater risk, according to Humberside Police, but police would stay in the area over the next few days.

Teresa Hanson
Image Source: Yorkshire Live

Who is Teresa Hanson?

Paul Hanson, a father of two, died, and Teresa Hanson, 53, of West Cowick, has been remanded in custody.

She’ll be in front of Hull Magistrates Court today, according to Humberside Police.

Forensic specialists visited the scene of the semi-detached, cream-roofed house on December 29.

Then, a 53-year-old lady was held while inquiries were being conducted, according to the police, after being apprehended on murder suspicion.

Paul’s daughter Sherri and grandson had joined him a few days earlier to celebrate Christmas.

Teresa Hanson stabbed husband Paul Hanson to death

He was taken to the hospital immediately, but regrettably, nothing could be done to save him; he was soon pronounced dead.

53-year-old Teresa Hanson was charged with murder last night.

She will appear before Hull Magistrates Court today, per Humberside Police.

Paul had just recently celebrated Christmas with his granddaughter and daughter-in-law Sherri.

Today, spent with family, has been the best day ever. Sherri added captions to the brilliant images she had posted online.

The site manager for Sword Construction UK, Mr Hanson, was reportedly stabbed on December 28.

Nicola Burnett, a police chief inspector, said: “We recognise that learning about a tragic incident like this would shock and frighten people of the town and its surroundings.

But I want to reassure everyone that this was only one incident involving well-known people; therefore, there is no longer any risk to the broader population.

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