Is Leonardo DiCaprio dating Victoria Lamas? Or they just friends?

Leonardo DiCaprio is well-known for dating several actresses and supermodels. Now he’s making news for dating Victoria Lamas, a 23-year-old actress. The actress’s father, Lorenzo Lamas, opened up about their relationship when the news surfaced.

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Last week, Leonardo and Victoria were photographed on what looked to be a date in West Hollywood. Soon after, word spread like wildfire, and their photos became popular on social media. The actress’s father now believes she is “smitten” with Leo. Continue reading to learn more.

Are they dating secretly? 

During an interview with the New York Post, Victoria Lamas’s father, actor Lorenzo Lamas, opened out about his daughter’s friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio. “I know she likes him a lot. They probably met last month. “I’m not sure what happened, but that’s what she told me,” he explained.

“She’s quite smitten,” he added. I urged her to treat the relationship like a vacation and to enjoy it as much as possible for as long as possible. And if it lasts longer than a regular holiday, that’s fantastic. But if not, keep your heart safe, you know? Because she is so young.”

Leo appreciate Lorenzo 

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Lorenzo Lamas then joked about Leonardo DiCaprio’s film Titanic for good measure. “I simply warned her, you know, definitely no trans-Atlantic voyages with Leo,” he explained. Anyway, I’m happy for her. I know she hasn’t had a significant relationship in a long time… She has a huge heart and is generous with it.”

Lorenzo phoned back 15 minutes post-interview “after seemingly being scolded by his daughter” to explain matters, claiming, “They’re friends; they’re not in a serious relationship. And I simply want to make that obvious.” He also stated that she is “fond of him,” but they are not “dating.”

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