California sheriff’s deputy, Isaiah Cordero killed during traffic stop

A California sheriff’s deputy was slain in the line of duty Thursday by a career criminal who was then shot dead by police after a frantic automobile pursuit, according to officials.

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According to Sheriff Chad Bianco, Isaiah Cordero, a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department deputy, was shot and killed by William Shae McKay during a traffic check in Jurupa Valley at 2 p.m.

The 32-year-old deputy, who his coworkers referred to as “their little brother,” was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The tragic confrontation triggered a “massive manhunt” for the 44-year-old cop murderer. He was spotted in neighbouring San Bernardino County, prompting a chase through both counties’ roadways.

More than a dozen police enforcement vehicles pursued the pickup truck in a bizarre scene as witnesses moved their automobiles to the side of the road.

According to Bianco, the vehicle continued to move when a spike strip destroyed two rear wheels.

According to Bianco, McKay ultimately came to a halt when the truck got damaged and overturned.

They were shot dead by police

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According to the lawman, officials shot him dead after an exchange of gunfire.

“I want to deliver a message, and please hear me out,” Bianco said. “Anyone who attacks a member of our community’s law enforcement will face quick repercussions.”

McKay has a long history of violence stretching back to the 1990s, involving kidnapping, robbery, and deadly weapon assaults, including slashing a California highway police canine, according to Bianco.

Bianco chastised a San Bernardino County court for not incarcerating McKay for at least 25 years after he was convicted of his “third strike” for kidnapping and assault with a dangerous weapon in 2021.

According to him, the court reduced his bail, resulting in his release, and freed him again when he was detained for failing to appear for his sentencing.

People are in a rage

“If the judge had done her job, we wouldn’t be here today,” Bianco raged.

Cordero began his career as a prison deputy before becoming a sworn deputy sheriff in 2014. In September of this year, he started motor school to become a motorcycle deputy.

“He was naturally drawn to law enforcement and absolutely reflected our philosophy of service before self,” said Bianco. “He was a prankster around the station, and all of our deputies thought of him as their younger brother.”

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