JJ Watt Shares Photo With 1-Month-Old Son Koa

JJ Watt of the Arizona Cardinals and Kealia Ohai Watt of the Chicago Red Stars shared a picture of their infant child, who is now one month old, on Thanksgiving as a family of three.

On November 24, the 33-year-old NFL player posted on Instagram, saying, “More to be thankful for than ever.”. “Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!”.

A blue blanket that matched his father’s Nike sneakers was wrapped around baby Koa, who was being held by JJ in the picture. While his wife, 30, was dressed in black cargo pants and a white tank top, the football player was at ease in a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans. For the photograph, both were grinning at their infant. Kealia answered with two red hearts.

One month ago, the pair welcomed Koa. We had no idea that love and happiness could soar to such heights. James Watt Koa 10.23. 22,” the newlyweds, who got hitched in February 2020, wrote in a joint Instagram post on October 25 next to a cute picture of them holding their newborn in the hospital.

On November 11, Watt was questioned about Koa’s opinion of the official’s mistakenly blowing dead a play in which Watt was about to enter the end zone. Watt made fun of his son’s outrage.

He noticed it because he was looking. He was furious. He was extremely irate. We had a hard time getting him to go to sleep. He wanted to call Clete himself, so we had to calm him down first. And I told him, ‘Son, your day will come,'” he said in jest while speaking with reporters prior to Week 11.

He joked that their dogs were the show’s real stars as they appeared on HBO’s Hard Knocks with Kealia and Koa. “I have to share the screen whenever I can do so with my son, my wife, and our dogs because my wife and I are so incredibly proud of them. They responded in a way that I’ve never seen because they realized the pressure was on, he joked. “Our dogs weren’t acting like that on any walk we’ve ever taken, and they were fantastic. Our dogs really wrecked it, so we need Hard Knocks cameras everywhere whenever we go for walks. In this situation, Tex and Finn excel. “.

JJ and Kealia Watt's Baby Boy Koa Celebrates 'First Game Day': Photo
Source: People

JJ and Kealia revealed in June that a person would be joining their animal companions in the fall, saying they “could not be more excited” to be expecting. They did not have a sex reveal but rather casually mentioned in passing that they were expecting a son. Fans questioned JJ’s decision because it seemed so carefree. “We didn’t do a gender reveal, we just found out and then told people when they asked,” he said in response to the question of whether he had unintentionally revealed the information. “.

The new dad always prioritizes his family, and he instills this value in the family’s future generations. In a birthday tribute to the Pittsburgh Steelers player earlier this month, JJ revealed that he has already been FaceTiming Koa with his cousins Logan, 2, and Brayden, 23 months, whom Derek shares with wife Gabriella Watt.

“All the backyard football games we played in as kids, the basement mini-hockey matches, etc. To allow our children to see each other, we are currently FaceTiming. Happy Birthday, bro!” JJ wrote on November 7 on Instagram. “(Still playing football though!) Crazy!

The Watt family has many reasons to rejoice in 2022. TJ Watt, the youngest brother of the athletes, wed Dani Rhodes in July.

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