How did Bobby Driessen die? Member of young talent time cause of death explained

We announce the passing of Bobby Driessen, a cherished actor who appeared in programmes like Neighbours and Young Talent Time, with heavy hearts. Bobby, who was well-liked by audiences of all ages, recently passed away at 56.

What happened to Bobby Driessen?

Young Talent Time posted an official statement on their Facebook page regarding Bobby’s passing.

We are heartbroken to learn that Bobby Driessen, a beloved team member here at Young Talent Time, has passed away peacefully. Only 56 years old, he passed away much too soon. We will sadly miss you, Bobby. Vale B. D. Driessen

Who was Bobby Driessen?

In Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands, Bobby Driessen was born on April 26, 1966. He is an actor who gained notoriety for roles in notable films like Neighbours (1985).

Because of his parts in films like Young Talent Time (1971) and Young Talent Time Tells All, fans have followed the actor, his real name John Driessen, and his life and legacy for years (2001). Bobby worked for Young Talent Time for four years, starting in 1979.

Bobby Driessen conducts the Young Talent Time group as they sing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a song by the band Queen and penned by Freddie Mercury (1979–1983). The episode’s higher production qualities distinguish it from the show’s traditional modest set design.

Johnny Young claimed that because of the budget for the programme and the large number of episodes it could produce annually (up to 44), it was regularly required to borrow sets from Neighbours and other Network Ten shows. The costumes are stunning, as usual.

Bobby and Tina Arena (1977–1983), who makes a brief cameo, are about to leave the show, and team members leave when they are 16. Because of the age difference, different children are suited to certain songs, and it’s encouraging to see more experienced performers—like Bobby—given a chance to play challenging songs like this one. In this clip, Bobby and Tina sing “You’re The One I Want” from Grease.

Mark McCormack (1981–1985), Michael Campbell (1981–1983), Jodie Loebert (1980–1983), Joey Perrone (1980–1984), Karen Dunkerton (1981–1985), Dannii Minogue (1982–1988), and Karen Dunkerton are among the other team members mentioned (1982–83).

After YTT, he co-hosted a kids’ show on Saturday mornings with Karen Dunkerton, another YTT member, and gave out a Fact Cat record. Bobby currently resides in Sydney and works as a performer, but very little is known about his whereabouts after YTT.

Bobby Driessen
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Young Talent Time 

Lewis-Young Productions produces the Australian variety programme Young Talent Time, which airs on Network Ten. From 1971 to 1988, Johnny Young, a singer-songwriter and record producer, hosted the programme’s first season. With singer and actor Rob Mills as the host, Network Ten temporarily brought the show back in 2012.

The programme had a youthful core group of performers and a weekly junior talent search, similar to The Mickey Mouse Club. The regular cast billed as “The Young Talent Team,” sang modern hits and well-known oldies.

Australian performers whose careers were sparked by the original programme included Sally Boyden, Jamie Redfern, Vikki Broughton, Debra Byrne (formerly known as Debbie), Tina Arena, and Dannii Minogue. In addition, fifteen Young Talent Time albums, a movie, swap cards, board games, toys, and mugs were released. Many Logie Awards were given to the programme.

Bobby Driessen cause of death

Bobby Driessen, a team member from 1979 to 1983, passed away unexpectedly, and Johnny Young has asked us to share the following message:

One of the Young Talent Team’s most well-liked members was Bobby. He was a kind, loving young man who is still quite popular. Thank you for the many fantastic performances we shared. We shall never forget you, Bobby. Johnny Young and their family have my undying affection.

According to the official findings, it was determined that he died calmly while sleeping. Nevertheless, the precise cause of death has not been made public. We’ll update this page as soon as authoritative sources make it public.

Tributes to Bobby Driessen

Numerous authors are qualified to discuss Bobby’s time as a kid celebrity. I entered his life at the halfway point. Bobby was a humorous friend that I produced for a big TV. Bobby was a fantastic person in every way. I hired him to present a live Saturday show that will air nationwide on the Nine Network.

He sought knowledge and found it. I was demonstrating the unique “Melbourne thing” of the carefree ad-lib that is so characteristic of the city. the skilful method of using merely script “points.” The Sydney network executives complain about it constantly and have done so since Graham Kennedy, a celebrity. Fending off the humourless Syd-knees in the groyne made Bobby and I feel like knights. Bob got it right, and as a result, he gained considerable not just for his baby-faced Young Talent fan stamp but also for his excellent popularity.

What a terrible sadness Bobby is no longer around. Bob skillfully threw a tiny peanut high into the air while it was broadcast live on television, catching it in his open mouth. Wow, that was funny, and I was thrilled. Such ability. But all of a sudden, he was Bobby, the choking danger. Rent-a-moan viewers who gripe about everything lit up the Australian Nine Network switchboards. Trolls.

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