What happened to Daniel Lightfoot? Brisbane fashion designer cause of death Explained

Daniel Lightfoot, a fashion designer from Brisbane, died unexpectedly on Christmas Day at 58. He is remembered as a devoted father and a guy of “great brilliance.”

After Australian Miss World 1985, Angelina Nasso wore Lightfoot’s creation, and the designer gained fame.

He became known as Queensland’s top designer in less than a year.

He would go on to win two Australian Fashion Awards and 27 RAQ Fashion Design Awards, and David Jones, a major retailer, would purchase his creations.

What happened to Daniel Lightfoot?

Daniel Lightfoot, a 58-year-old Brisbane fashion designer, died unexpectedly on Christmas Day. Suzie, his ex-wife of eight years, announced the news by posting a moving tribute on Instagram on Tuesday.

I share the terrible news with you with deep sorrow; Daniel Lightfoot passed suddenly on Christmas Day,” she said. He receives so much love from Paris, the love of his life, and his close family, Allison, Kenny, Elizabeth, Ben, and Amy.

I’m sharing the tragic news that Daniel Lightfoot passed away on Christmas Day with you all with a heavy heart. Paris, the love of his life, and his immediate family, Allison, Kenny, Elizabeth, Ben, and Amy, show him the utmost affection. Daniel profoundly impacted countless people’s lives through his extraordinary talent, skill, and aesthetic sense. He made the women he dressed sparkle like diamonds by transforming an ordinary piece of fabric into something truly spectacular.

I know how much his friends, colleagues, and former clients from his peak in fashion will miss him. He will always be cherished for his wicked sense of humour and quick wit, appreciation for French Champaign, diamonds and bling, yellow roses, enjoyment of a good party, fancy automobiles, and dancing like everybody was watching (because they were!).

Daniel Lightfoot
Image Source: Sky News Australia

Daniel Lightfoot cause of death

He died unexpectedly. His demise’s cause is still unknown. In the upcoming year, Daniel will have a memorial service.

This man’s family wishes to be remembered for his creations and his zest for life. Daniel wanted a stunning display to remember his life so that everyone would wear bright colours.

Thus, it was determined, based on the official records, that he died abruptly. Any online sites or family members did not disclose his cause of death.

Daniel Lightfoot: Who was he?

Mr Lightfoot rose to fame because one of his designs was worn by Angelina Nasso, an Australian who competed for Miss World in 1985.

He later won 27 RAQ Fashion Design Awards and two Australian Fashion Awards after being chosen Queensland’s best designer the previous year. He was granted entry into the Queensland Retail Association’s Hall of Fame in 1992.

Mr Lightfoot has dressed several notable people throughout his career, including Liza Minnelli and former governor-general Quentin Bryce.

He worked with the Queensland University of Technology’s fashion department to instruct aspiring designers before he died away, continuing to assist the fashion sector.

Fashion Career: RAQ Hall of Fame

Born in Brisbane, Daniel’s passion for design developed as a young child while watching his aunt, a renowned seamstress for Brisbane designers, at work.

Because of this love, Daniel enrolled in Mt. Gravatt TAFE’s fashion design programme in addition to Seven Hills College of TAFE. Daniel began his label at 20 and was given the encouragement award in 1985, the first of 18 Retailers Association of Queensland (RAQ) awards. In 1992, seven years later, Daniel received recognition when he was inducted into the RAQ Hall of Fame.

Defeated 85 other fashion designers

In 1997, Daniel defeated 85 other fashion designers to claim the title of finest Day Wear designer in the world, gaining him fame on a global scale. Australia’s entry in the competition wore the winning design created by Daniel Lightfoot.

Daniel first specialised in designing upmarket women’s apparel, but he later expanded his company to include upscale men’s clothing in 1991 and corporate uniforms in 1987.

He oversees all aspects of the company’s operations and its future direction as managing director and design director of Daniel Lightfoot Studio. Since he is the only designer, he is also responsible for creating the designs for every article of clothing that leaves the studio.

Member of the Australian Fashion Design Awards Committee

Daniel is committed to making sure that the Queensland fashion industry grows. He is a member of the QUT Advisory Board and the Australian Fashion Design Awards Committee for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design programme (formerly the RAQ Awards).

Daniel participates in the Fashion Sector Working Group, a project focusing on the expansion of Queensland’s fashion industry and the State Government’s “Creativity is Big Business? Future Planning Framework

Tributes to Daniel Lightfoot

On Christmas Day, I received the heartbreaking news that a cousin I had been thinking about a lot had passed away. I haven’t seen you in years, but my city family is always on my mind. You were my ideal as a child. I’ll never forget the times I spent in Brisbane with my family. I’ll never forget feeling so famous while visiting his studio and being chauffeured by Danny in his flashy cars. I will always be grateful to DANIEL LIGHTFOOT, one of the most fabulous fashion designers ever. I shall always think of you.

The news of Daniel’s passing, Paris and Suzie astounded and saddened me. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, I purchased many of Daniel’s exquisite suits from his store in the Brisbane Arcade. Many of them are still in my possession as I wait to be able to fit back into them. Daniel, may you rest in peace, and I’m sure you’ll keep the Angels looking sharp. You left us much too quickly.

Peace be with you. Mr Daniel Lightfoot, you were closer to me than my own family. Thank you very much for teaching me to be a little more carefree in life; I shall miss you forever and hope to see you again.

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