Missing: What happened to Lyla Jane Lake? Explained.

The boy, Morgan Lake’s cousin and a Team GB Olympian has never vanished.

As he told the girl, “Daddy loves you,” her father, Nathan Lake, has since begged anyone with information to get in touch.

On camera, he stated: “Lyla Jane Lake, my daughter, has been missing for five nights, and my family and I are pleading with anyone out there with information regarding Lyla’s location.

“Lyla, who is highly insecure and naive for her age, never leaves the house after 8 p.m. without her parents and hasn’t spent the night anyplace other than with them for more than 18 months.

“Surely someone is knowledgeable. Daddy loves you very much, Lyla, if you are viewing this.

“Please, come home if there is anything on your mind that can’t be resolved. You are not in danger.

We want you to return home safely since hundreds of people care about you.

More than 100 people forfeited their Tuesday off for the Bank Holiday to assist the police in finding Lyla.

Lyla Jane Lake missing case: Explained

Following Lyla Jane Lake’s 13-year-old disappearance on Wednesday, her father made a heartfelt plea for her to “please just come home safe.”

Brown-eyed After disappearing from her home in Basingstoke, Hampshire, Lyla, the cousin of Olympic high jumper Morgan Lake, was unable to celebrate Christmas with her family. Since then, she has yet to be seen or heard from.

After thorough searches in her origin country have yielded no results, police have claimed that they are “extremely concerned” for the young girl’s well-being.

“Daddy loves you,” her father, Nathan Lake, told his teenage daughter directly before begging anyone with knowledge of her location to come forward.

Lyla Jane Lake
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Lyla Jane Lake Father’s Emotional Post

Lyla was last seen in Simmons Walk in Basingstoke on Wednesday night at around ten o’clock, according to a Hampshire Constabulary spokesperson. Since she was reported missing, police have conducted many investigations while searching for her.

We are requesting help from the public since her family and I are concerned for her welfare. Perhaps she is still in the Basingstoke area. Lyla is described as having a medium frame, standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall, and being of mixed race.

She was last seen wearing a grey jogging bottom and a black Puffa jacket. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her entire life was spent carrying a bag from Sports Direct. The speaker added, “If you see her, call 999 immediately and quote 44220512908.”

Immediate appeal to find Lyla-Jane Lake

“We’re all here to help. All they want is for Lyla to go home safely. Lyla was last seen wearing a grey jogging suit, a black Puffa jacket, and a Sports Direct bag for life. According to the police, she is a mixed-race woman who is 5 feet 6 inches tall, has a medium build, long brown hair, and brown eyes.

Jeremy Bailey, who is helping to plan the search for Lyla, gave the volunteers instructions to visit houses with cameras and leave flyers with the occupants.

“We will travel to many different sites, leaving no stone unturned,” he said. To respect people’s privacy, we are looking for homes with Ring doorbells and requesting authorization to access their CCTV.

The vast majority of these recordings are only stored for one week. We want to review them before they expire, so Athlete Morgan has pleaded with individuals to contact her if they have any information.

Lyla-Jane Lake, my 13-year-old cousin, has been gone for a few nights, said Morgan, a Crowthorne, Berkshire, resident and student at Wellington College. The last time someone was spotted was in Basingstoke on Wednesday night at nine. However, if you have any information, kindly contact me as the police are involved.

Police in Basingstoke, where Lyla is from, stated on Tuesday that they were “extremely concerned” for her welfare because she has not been located despite thorough searches. The case number for Hampshire Constabulary is 44220512908. Hampshire Constabulary asked people to dial 999 immediately.

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