Missing: What happened to Evan Mcconney? Know everything about the Layton.

Evan Mcconney, a 13-year-old boy, has been discovered safe, and the Amber Alert has been cancelled. According to Layton Police, the victim and 26-year-old Aaron Zeman were discovered together at a Nebraska gas station at about 1:15 a.m. The culprit in this crime, according to Layton Police, has been identified as Tadashi Kojima, according to authorities. Furthermore, according to police, he is operating a white Toyota Avalon with the Arizona licence plate 22225NP.

A non-family kidnapping, according to the police. Evan is 110 pounds, 5 feet 4 inches tall, and has brown eyes and hair. Evan, age 13, is dressed in a black hooded windbreaker. He has skull and bone bunnies printed on a white shirt in blue and yellow. Evan is also wearing blue/grey sweatpants. A yellow Cobra Kai beanie is on his head. Police think Evan left his house on Monday night to meet the suspect, and that’s when he was seized in Layton. They may be travelling toward Arizona or Texas, according to Layton Police. Anyone with information or who sees the two is requested to contact police at 801-497-8300 or 911.

What happened to Evan Mcconney?

Initially “suspected” to be Hunter Fox, police now know he abducted McConney. According to a later report from the authorities, the person is 26-year-old Aaron Zemen from Arizona. Tadashi Kojima is also his full name.

With Arizona temporary registration #22225NP and a dented grill, Zemen is driving a white 1998 Toyota Avalon.

Before McConney stepped out of his residence late on Monday night to meet the man, Zemen, according to the police, spoke with him online.

Aaron Zemen, also known as “Hunter Fox” or “Tadashi Kojima,” said that the authorities thought they would travel to Arizona or Texas.

A close friend of Beth Cooper, the mother of McConney, remembers the 13-year-old as a handsome and intelligent young guy.

“He comes from a loving family, a safe atmosphere, and he has always had two devoted parents,” she said. “This isn’t one of those situations where he’s attempting to flee a dysfunctional household. Someone who was impersonating someone else managed to manipulate him.’

Evan Mcconney
Image Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

Amber Alert:

A missing 13-year-old Layton boy and an Arizona guy who is allegedly the kidnapper are both the subjects of an AMBER Alert from Utah.

Representatives of the Layton Police Department and the Utah Department of Public Safety are conducting the search for 13-year-old Evan McConney.

Police requests Public assistance:

Before the teen left his house to meet him, Zemen, according to the authorities, communicated with McConney online.

McConney’s parents told the Layton Police that their son had been gone all night on Tuesday, according to Lt. Travis Lyman.

Because the youngster was just 13, leaving with this adult without parental permission, according to him, constituted kidnapping.

Lyman claims that McConney’s parents told the police that their son had just been talking to the 26-year-old suspect.

When a child goes missing, “it does become our highest priority,” he said. “We’re working tirelessly to search for him on every front,” someone said.

According to Cooper, when Zemen asked, Evan reportedly provided his passport. Although they could be in Texas, Arizona, or Utah, according to the police, the two could be anywhere.

Cooper stated that the older man was misrepresenting himself and conflating trivial matters that a 13-year-old would not be aware of daily life.

He still doesn’t comprehend why you refuse to leave your home when someone asks you to, says the speaker.

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