Miracle! Joyce Curtis found: A mother’s Christmas miracle occurs when her son, who has been missing for a decade, is discovered in France

A mother who feared her son was dead after he went missing over a decade ago has celebrated a “Christmas miracle” after learning he is alive and well. Let’s have a look at how Miracle! Joyce Curtis found located her lost son Nicholas active after a decade.

After not seeing or hearing from her son Nicholas since 2010, Joyce Curtis feared he had died.

He was travelling across France and Spain the last she knew, but because of Covid, she believed Nicholas had gotten the sickness and died. ‘Grieved for him,’ the devastated mother said.

On the other hand, Joyce Curtis received a phone call on December 19 notifying her that her son was alive and in a hospital in the south of France.

What happened to Nicholas?

Nicholas left his hometown of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, to travel around Europe after losing his joiner job in the mid-2000s.

He claimed to be on his way to see his mother, and Joyce said he spent some time sleeping on the streets of Paris.

Joyce Curtis filed a missing person’s report in 2009 after not hearing from her son in “aeons.”

The British Consulate in Paris told Joyce Curtis that Nicholas had been admitted to a hospital in France a year later.

She and her husband then flew to see him, but it was the last time she saw or spoke to him for over a decade.

Joyce Curtis was startled to find that he was still alive when the British Consulate informed her that he had been admitted to a French hospital for the second time.

‘I called him and chatted with him. He appears to be healthy.’ Joyce “Are you coming home, Nicky?” Curtis inquired. “Aye,” he said.

I grieved for him

“I still can’t believe it,” she said. “With Covid and everything that has happened, I assumed he was dead. I wept for him.

“I was in disbelief when I heard that he was alive. All I did all day was weep. This has brightened my Christmas, especially after my hubby died in June. It’s similar to the film Miracle on 34th Street. It’s almost like a miracle.

“I’d accepted the truth that he’d passed away. That is exactly what I believed, and I believe everyone else did as well.”

After losing his work as a joiner, Nicholas left his hometown of Glasgow, Lanarkshire, in the mid-2000s to tour Europe. He informed his mum he’d been hitching, and Ms Curtis believes he spent some time living rough on Paris’s streets.

She filed a missing person report in 2009 since she hadn’t heard from her kid in a long time. Ms Curtis was called a year later by the British Consulate in Paris, who informed her that Nicholas had been taken to a hospital in France.

She immediately travelled to see him with her husband, but it would be the last time she saw or heard from him for more than a decade.

Ms Curtis stated: “In 2010, I received a letter informing me that Nicholas was in a hospital in France. He’d been AWOL for a long at that point.

“I’d previously reported him missing the previous year in Glasgow after not hearing from him in years. My husband and I walked over to see him, and it felt great.

“We were on our way home when he suddenly vanished for no apparent reason. We never heard anything more after that. I didn’t hear from him again until Monday.”

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