Cher Ignites Engagement Rumors

Cher caught everyone’s attention when she shared a photo of her gift from boyfriend, music manager and rapper Alexander AE Edwards.

The singer-actress posted a picture on social media to show off the present, but others questioned whether the “Strong Enough” singer also revealed the couple’s engagement in the caption. There are NO WORDS, ALEXANDER, A.E., Cher said in the caption of a picture of the magnificent diamond ring she shared on Twitter.

Who Is Cher Ignites?

Cher’s ring may be stunning jewellery, but with a big pear-shaped diamond in the centre and diamonds encircling the band, it unmistakably appears like an engagement ring.

Some folks were perplexed after Cher shared a photo of her new engagement ring and said, “Wait, wait, oh! Is that ring made of diamonds or is it made of diamonds? What does that imply?

Cher sparks engagement rumors with Alexander Edwards | Fox News
Source: Fox News

In the comments, there was much discussion on whether or not this was an engagement announcement. Some Twitter users believed it was an engagement right away, and one responded, “Aw hey!!! I congratulate you, Queen.

Another wrote, “Congratulations, catch your luck with both hands, but also make a prenuptial x.”

One person commented, “Third time is a charm!”

Cher has been married twice previously. She first spent the years 1964 to 1975 with Sonny Bono, and the years 1975 to 1979 with Gregg Allman. Cher has only been dating since that time.

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 02: Cher and Alexander Edwards are seen on November 02, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.

Cher, 76, hasn’t been dating her boyfriend A.E., 36, in a long time, as they were first spotted together in public in early November. AE is Amber Rose’s ex and they have a child together. They separated in 2021, with AE later admitting he was having an affair, as reported by E! News.

Unfortunately, the singer has yet to clarify what the message means, leaving fans to ponder the gift and whether or not she’ll walk down the aisle again.

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