The Wallasey pub shooting After a lady is killed, police are looking for the gunman

A shooter is being sought by police after a lady was fatally shot at a bar in Merseyside on Christmas Eve.

Three more males are being treated in hospital for gunshot wounds after the incident on Saturday at approximately 23:50 GMT in The Lighthouse in Wallasey Village, Wirral.

Several other persons were also hurt, according to authorities.

Officers seek information after the shooter escaped in a black car, perhaps a Mercedes.

The lady died after being brought to the hospital following the gunshot, which occurred at a “busy venue full of young people,” according to Merseyside Police.

The Lighthouse Pub issued a statement

The event was called “despicable” by Chief Constable Serena Kennedy and “heartbreaking” by the area’s MP, Dame Angela Eagle.

“We have a number of officers at Wallasey Village who are carrying out comprehensive enquiries to determine precisely what has happened and take quick action,” Det Supt David McCaughrean said.

The woman’s family has been notified, and they are being assisted by highly trained officers.

The Lighthouse Pub issued a statement saying they were “totally startled”, adding: “This is a tragedy beyond any words.

“All of our thoughts are with our customers’ friends and families, and our hearts go out to the family of our deceased client.

“We have given the police CCTV material, and our first objective is to help everyone who has been affected.”

A spokeswoman added that everyone with a Christmas Day reservation would be contacted and offered a refund.

Jenny Hough, a local, claimed she heard the gunfire but believed they were Christmas fireworks.

The incident came as a “total shock” to the 77-year-old.

She stated: “My sister’s garden had been vandalized. We assume it was individuals trying to get out of the bar by climbing over the wall and into her yard.”

The scene: Wallasey pub shooting

This tavern was lively and popular not long ago, and it was packed with young people.

The televisions are still turned on; it appears to be the aftermath of a party. There are still bottles strewn over the table from when people were celebrating Christmas.

It’s upsetting for any family or friend at any time, but especially during Christmas.

Police want to hear from any witnesses who have video or information.

According to Jeffrey Hughes, minister of the United Reformed Church in Wallasey Village, the bar is essential to the community.

“It’s a good section of Wallasey,” he said of the neighbourhood, which he described as “pretty vibrant.”

“There are a lot of young individuals and families in that region,” he explained.

“When we first heard this morning that there had been a shooting at Wallasey, the last place that sprang to mind was Wallasey Village.”

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