Tanner Hoang Missing: Missing Texas A&M student found dead from Flower Mound

Tanner Hoang, 22, was reportedly seen on Friday at roughly 11 a.m. on Colgate Drive, close to Highway 6 and Wolf Pen Creek Park, according to College Station police. The hunt for the missing Texas A&M student is still ongoing. The youngster may have fled the region in a silver automobile, according to local police officers who cited the evidence.

Tanner Hoang’s family, from Flower Mound, Texas, also disclosed that they were in town to witness the young man’s graduation ceremony but that he vanished just before they were scheduled to meet for lunch. According to university officials, the student didn’t show up for the graduation ceremony.

Missing Texas A&M Student

22-year-old Texas resident Tanner Hoang vanished. The Missing Texas A&M Student is what most people are looking for. The details from this article are listed below. Tanner Hoang was last seen Friday morning at about 11 a.m. on Colgate Drive, close to Highway 6 and Wolf Pen Creek Park, according to College Station police. Hoang’s family had come to town to see graduation; according to the police, he may have departed the region in a silver automobile. However, Hoang vanished before seeing his family for lunch.

Missing College Student Texas

According to the authorities, Hoang’s family was in town for a graduation ceremony. But before he joined them for lunch, he vanished. Hoang might be able to keep his left side in a silver 2009 Lexus ES350 with Texas licence plate BS2C737. On Friday, December 16, near College Station’s 900 block of Colgate Drive, where the university’s campus is located, Tanner Hoang was last seen by his housemates.

tanner hoang missing
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Who is Tanner Hoang?

Tanner Hoang is a local of the Dallas neighbourhood of Flower Mound. He attended Texas A&M University to study mechanical engineering. He is from Texas. Hoang has brown hair and eyes, is six feet tall, and weighs around 175 pounds. According to his family, Tanner was seen as graduating, who spoke with KHOU 11 News.
Nevertheless, they later realised he could not cross the stage as required. His family posted a video of Tanner Hoang’s automobile leaving College Station and heading west. On Highway 21, in Caldwell, it was pointing toward Bastrop.

Tanner Hoang Missing

Tanner Hoang’s missing report has troubled friends, family, and the community. Tanner is a student at Texas A&M. The College Station Police Department is making all-out, intimidating attempts to learn information about Tanner Hoang, who has gone missing. Tanner would have lunch with his family, as promised by the officials. To witness a graduation ceremony, his family was present on campus. His father had contacted him before going missing, according to the police. Before his cell phone was turned off, the SMS was still open and visible.

Father of missing Texas student claims that his debit card was used at a gas station in Caldwell, at noon

According to the Department of Public Safety, Tanner Hoang is seen in camera footage leaving the Caldwell gas station and travelling west on Highway 21. The youngster’s father clarified the matter, claiming that his debit card had been used at the same station around noon, about one hour after the student was last seen near Colgate Drive.

Furthermore, according to the Amber Alert Network Brazos Valley, the student may be driving a silver 2009 Lexus with the Texas licence plate BS2C737. A Facebook page called “Finding Tanner Hoang” has been created by a few people in the neighbourhood, including Hoang’s family and friends, and it currently has about 6,000 members.

People willing to lend a hand are helping the group scour different places for the boy. Additionally, many people have contributed leads that can aid the case’s timeframe.

Many in the group have been providing frequent updates and enquiring about Tanner’s whereabouts from acquaintances. Minute-by-minute reports on what has been happening and the police’s search for the boy have also been provided by other people.

The group members are raising awareness of the situation and discussing their worries regarding the child.

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