Who is Dianne Buswell? Are Joe Sugg And Dianne Still Together?

Australian professional dancer Dianne Claire Buswell was born on May 6, 1989. Her appearances on Strictly Come Dancing, a British television programme, made her most well-known. She entered the British season in 2017, and her partner Joe Sugg made it to the final in 2018 after appearing on Dancing with the Stars in Australia.

Who is Dianne Buswell?

Dancer and YouTuber Dianne Buswell is from Australia. Her participation in the programme Strictly Come Dancing is what made her most well-known. After participating in Dancing with the Stars Australia, she entered the British agenda. When she was five years old, she began dancing and entered competitions very early on. Joe Sugg, with whom she started seeing in 2018, and she moved in with him in 2019.

Joe Sugg

Joe Sugg is an English YouTuber who has been popularising himself for many years. He started in August of last year. There are currently around 7 million subscribers to the channel. On the 16th season of Strictly Come Dancing, he reached the finals. Additionally, he frequently works with other YouTubers on his track. Since the beginning of 2018, he has been dating Dianne Buswell.

Are Joe Sugg And Dianne Still Together?

The couple is still very much in love and is pleased to be together. They made their joint home purchase public in 2021. As relatively laid-back individuals who will be taking things as they come, they have also discussed the future of their partnership.

Where Are Joe Sugg And Dianne Now?

When they took part in Strictly Come Dancing, the couple became engaged. Joe Sugg and Diane Buswell’s partnership was made known via the competition. They went together to the British Children’s Award in November of that same year. The couple made their official relationship announcement in December 2018. August 2019 saw the pair move in together. In 2020, the two were quarantined collectively. They said that they had acquired a home together.

dianne buswell
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Strictly Come Dancing

In the British television competition Strictly Come Dancing (commonly known as Strictly), professional dancers and celebrities compete in various dance genres, primarily ballroom and Latin. Each pair receives a grade from the judging panel. The show’s title references the long-running television programme Come Dancing and the movie Strictly Ballroom. Strictly Dance Fever, a spin-off with a modern dance theme licenced by BBC Worldwide, has been broadcast in 60 countries as Dancing with the Stars. Guinness World Records has named Strictly Come Dancing the most popular reality television programme in the world.


1. What one thing made Joe Sugg famous?

Ans. YouTube user ThatcherJoe, 27, is Joseph Graham Sugg. 2011 saw the launch of his YouTube channel. In addition, he is a writer and director.

2. Are Caspar and Joe still close friends?

Ans. Strictly Come, Dancing finalist, Joe is friends with Caspar and Josh; the vloggers sent the star their best wishes and unwavering support when he competed in the BBC One dancing competition. To this day, Caspar and Joe, who shared a home until 2016, are their closest friends.

3. What happened to Marcus Butler?

Ans. It feels strange after telling others about your life for a third of your life. Marcus Butler is also a model, in addition to Jim Chapman. He owns the fashion company nu-in fashion.

4. At what age is Caspar Lee?

Ans. 27-year-old Caspar Lee (24 April 1994)

5. Do Louise and Zoe Sugg remain friends?

Ans. In response to rumours that the original British YouTube gang, which includes stars like Marcus Butler and Zoe Sugg, had grown apart, Louise Pentland reassured viewers that she is still friends with the group.

6. How much money is Joe Suggs worth?

Ans. Joe Sugg’s salary and earnings throughout his career: Joe Sugg is an internet celebrity from England with an $8 million fortune. The United Kingdom’s Wiltshire is where Joe Sugg was born. He oversees the ThatcherJoe, ThatcherJoeGames, and ThatcherJoeVlogs YouTube accounts. His occupation as a roof thatcher gave him the name.

7. Are Zoella and Tanya Burr still close friends?

Ans. The couple produced less work together as the years went on. Previously, you could visit either of their social media accounts and see them hanging out, but they only occasionally post together. However, despite their lack of content exchanges, there is no sign that their friendship has ended.

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