Who Is Monica Beets Husband? Is Monica Beets Still Married?

Canadian gold digger Monica Beets is one of the toughest women we know! Raised in the mines of her hometown, she learned the trade from her father as a child. She is a hard worker, daughter, sister and wife. Here’s everything we know about Monika.

The origin story

Monica Beets was the youngest of four children born to parents Minnie and Tony Beets on November 7, 1993.

His parents met when they were children. In 1978, Tony and Minnie started dating. A year and a half later, Tony wanted to move to Canada, a step Minnie would have taken with only a ring on her finger.

So they got married and remain married today, as of 2021. He has three older siblings: two brothers, Mike and Kevin, and an older sister, Bianca. His brother Kevin went to school and became the mechanic for the family business, working on mining equipment. Monica’s family has always been a mining family: her father is a successful miner and her mother is the accountant for Beets’ mining company.

Monica started showing a real interest in the family business at an early age, but she didn’t want to learn accounting from her mother. Instead, she Monica always wore her father’s attire and pretended to be a miner. At age 12, her father taught her the intricacies of machinery and mining. Monica’s father Tony Beets shows his Dutch roots even though he moved to Canada over thirty years ago. Tony had a short three year career in the construction industry before discovering mining in 1984. He’s been digging in Dawson City ever since! At age 16, Monica was a full-time (minor) miner!

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She worked under her father and became quite skilled at the trade. “It doesn’t matter what your gender is, when you’re on a device, girls can do it just as well as men, sometimes even better,” Monica said of her father in an interview with Monsters and Critics. When she turned 18, Monica was supervising a team of men twice her age at her father’s mining group, Paradise Hill.

Gold rush

When Monica was 21, she and her family’s world were rocked when Discovery approached an offer for the Beets to star in their new gold-mining TV show, Gold Rush. The first episode of the show came out in December 2010 and is still running to this day.

“I’m super aware of the cameras,” she noted for Entrepreneur. Monica continued: “I hate being photographed. I hate when the camera is pointing at me, it’s super embarrassing.

Monica’s family didn’t appear on the show until Season 2, and she herself didn’t appear on screen until Season 5! Gold Rush is definitely considered one of the most popular shows on the Discovery network.

Monica has an adorable dog she named Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein after her all-time favorite band.

Who Is Monica Beets Husband?

At the start of the gold rush, Monica dated her miner Brandon Harper.

They had been pretty serious and dated for quite a while, but the two eventually broke up.

The reasons for this are unknown today, as the couple decided to keep their breakup relatively private. There doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between them.

The show portrays underage Parker Schnabel as helpless for Monica, but the feelings weren’t reciprocated. The two did not have a romantic relationship and they never got back together. “No I haven’t dated Parker now or ever,” Monica tweeted in January 2016. She also wrote, “He’s a nice guy but it makes me sick.”

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