Kathryn Muhlbach murder case: Explained? Kathryn Muhlbach’s Body Discovered.

According to the Portland Police Bureau, a wanted man from Portland was captured in Southern Oregon for the Friday afternoon slaying of Kathryn Muhibbah.

A warrant for the arrest of 43-year-old Jose Antonio Caraballo for second-degree murder was issued. He was taken into custody and will eventually be moved to Multnomah County, according to the police.

Following a large-scale search for Caraballo, suspected of killing his girlfriend, his arrest was made.

Just after 3:15 p.m. on December 9, PPB police officers were called in response to a report of a body discovered at Powell Butte Nature Park. Officers arrived and determined that a body was present. Where the body was found in the park was a mystery.

Police initially contacted PPB homicide detectives to investigate due to suspicious circumstances.

Kathryn Muhlbach murder case: Explained

The Portland Police Bureau has revealed that the man who killed his girlfriend and dumped her body at Powell Butte Nature Park in early December was captured in Southern Oregon.

In Southern Oregon, police detained Jose Caraballo, a murder suspect. According to the information given to detectives with the Portland Police Homicide Unit, Central Point Police Department officers arrested Caraballo on his warrant for Murder in the Second Degree on December 23, 2022, at around 2:00 pm (Domestic Violence). He was held in custody at the Jackson County Detention Facility. At a later date, he will be moved to Multnomah County.

Autopsy Reports – Kathryn Muhlbach’s cause of death

The announcement stated that Muhlbach’s death was a homicide and that “homicidal violence” was the cause of death. This was determined through an autopsy conducted by the medical examiner’s office.

Officials withheld information about Muhlbach’s injuries, where her body was recovered in the park, and who discovered it and called the police.

After Muhlbach’s passing, Caraballo is said to have fled the Portland area, according to the police. According to investigators, he may have had friends in other regions of Oregon, California, and Mexico, even though his last known residence was inside the city limits of Portland. The older sister of Muhlbach, Jen Keller, allegedly told San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV that their family was horrified to hear of Muhlbach’s passing.

Keller is quoted as telling the station, “The agony is immense, and we’re just in shock.” “It burns. It stings. Earth has undergone an evolution. Everything appears to have altered.

Kathryn Muhlbach
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Kathryn Muhlbach’s Body Discovered

Kathryn Muhlbach, 27, was found dead on December 9 in the late afternoon. Later, Portland police identified Jose Antonio Caraballo, 43, as the main suspect in the murder of Muhlbach. In the days that followed, Caraballo received a federal arrest warrant for second-degree murder (domestic violence).

The investigators found that Caraballo was known to have contacts in Oregon, California, and Mexico at the time of the search. However, on December 23, Caraballo was captured in Southern Oregon and taken to the Jackson County Jail. In the future, Multnomah County would receive Caraballo.

Who is Jose Antonio Caraballo?

According to Oregon law enforcement, a 43-year-old man has been identified as the suspect in killing his 27-year-old girlfriend, whose body was discovered in a nature park last week.

Jose Antonio Caraballo wanted, on suspicion of second-degree murder (domestic violence) in connection with the death of Kathryn Muhlbach, has reportedly been given a nationwide arrest warrant, according to the police.

Press Statement

Under a press release issued by the Portland Police Bureau, on December 9 at around 3:16 p.m., In the 16000 block of Southeast Powell Boulevard in Portland, police from the East Precinct responded to a report of a body recovered in Powell Butte Nature Park. An adult female casualty, who was later identified as Muhlbach, was found by first responders at the scene. She was declared dead there and then.

Investigators from the Portland Police Homicide Unit were called to the scene and took control of the investigation because the victim’s death was surrounded by “suspicious circumstances.”

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