Josie George found dead: What happened to the missing women?

Police have said that a female who disappeared while returning from a party was found dead in a resort. Josie George, a creative director and independent casting agency, was last spotted Sunday driving away from a meeting in West London. Tragically, her body was discovered at a hotel in Tower Bridge on Tuesday. While not suspecting anything, the Metropolitan Police admitted that they consider her death “surprising.” Social media users have become more and more interested in the issue. Check out the article below for all the information on the same.

What happened to the missing women?

On Sunday, December 18, Josie George, a freelance creative director and casting agent based in London, was the last saw leaving a gathering in an Uber.

At that point, her disappearance was reported. Her safety became a growing concern for friends and family.

Josie was found dead on Tuesday, December 20, after a search, according to information released by the Met Police. Her death was reportedly surprising, yet it wasn’t strange.

How Did Josie George Die?

The Tower Bridge Highway hotel received a call from the police, SE1, just before 11.30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 20, after a girl’s body was discovered there, according to a force spokesman. The death investigation is being conducted because it is regarded as unexpected but not suspicious. The news has reached her heirs. A report will presumably be written for the coroner. Josie’s close friends remembered her as a “vivacious, gorgeous spirit” who was “always on the forefront of every enjoyable activity.”

Josie George
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Who Confirmed Josie George Loss of life?

One individual said, “Our wonderful friend Josie George unfortunately passed away on Monday, December 19.” “Josie’s positive power, generosity, warmth, compassion, sincerity, fervour, help, spontaneity, and unbounded excitement will always be remembered for brightening our lives.” Being able to call Josie a friend was a huge privilege. She brought her upbeat energy into whatever space she entered.

One person remarked next to a photo, “I’ll remember this with much more fondness now. This was one of the most incredible excursions I’ve ever had with my friends.” One of the numerous farewell encounters I had with this lovely soul. Your wonderful, vivacious spirit will go on forever. Another person chimed in, saying, “Josie George brought a lot of joy and love into my life; she was constantly involved in practical jokes, revealing, and sharing adventures. I am not fully equipped to express how much she meant to me.

It isn’t easy to imagine the world without Josie looking because she’s the clan’s protector. It was additionally stated that it entered, filled the space in a way that only she could, and continued to act the same way around her family and all of her friends, both old and new. Before she passed away, one of her friends, Beej, remarked that she had vanished during an Uber ride home. Keep up with HindiAble for updates and the most recent and popular news.


Josie, who also served as a creative director in the city, has recently been inundated with accolades.

Sly Augustin, a buddy, said on Instagram:

“On Monday, December 19, our good friend Josie George went tragically. Understandably, her family and friends are grieving and coping with the loss. We sincerely ask that her family and friends be given time to process her passing during this difficult time. Thank you.

Just before she passed away, Beej, another friend, allegedly asserted that she had taken an Uber home to London, where she had vanished.

An acquaintance said:

She was always the centre of mischief, entertainment, and sharing adventures. It’s difficult to picture the world without Josie, the clan’s protector, making her entrance and enlivening the space as no one else could. I’m sending my love to her family and all my new and old acquaintances.

“Josie will always be remembered for the incredible energy, kindness, warmth, compassion, sincerity, vitality, support, brilliance, spontaneity, and unbounded enthusiasm she brought to our lives.

One of the most horrible situations anyone can go through is losing a loved one. There must be a final destination for every voyage. Unfortunately, the person’s time on earth has ended with their death.

We extend her loved ones, family, and friends our best wishes for eternal peace and prayers. Peace be upon her.

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