What happened to Harvey Jett? Harvey Jett cause of death.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022, at his home, William Harvey Jett, 73, of Madisonville, passed away. Victory Church in Madisonville is where Harvey, a musician, attends.

The following people are still alive: Teresa Hall Jett, his wife; sons Kyle (Allison) Jett and Chad (Erin) Mitchell; daughters Hollie (Shaun) Boyles, Jessica (Tanner) Benham, and Tina (Rick) White; brothers Eddie Grimsley and David Grimsley; and sister Jerrie Lynn-DeLoach.

What happened to Harvey Jett?

William Harvey Jett, 73, died at home on December 21, 2022, in Madisonville, Kentucky. On February 17, 1949, he was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Harvey was a worshipper at Madisonville’s Victory Church and a musician. He enjoyed playing the guitar, going fishing, and listening to music. His parents, his devoted grandparents Versie S. and Dumas Raymond Webb, and his sister Debbie Daniels all passed away before him. There will be a memorial service later. The Harris Funeral Home in Madisonville was treated with care.

Harvey Jett cause of death

According to the reports, it was confirmed that he died quietly at home. Although his death has been confirmed, the actual cause of Harvey Jett’s death has not yet been made public, and it is currently unknown what exactly caused him to pass away. We are trying to contact Harvey Jett’s friends and relatives to learn more about his passing. We will update this area as soon as we remember any more details regarding the tragic occurrence that made so many people cry.

Who was Harvey Jett?

The first lead guitarist for Black Oak, Arkansas, was Harvey. Black Oak Arkansas became one of the most well-known rock bands ever because of Harvey Jett, who toured the world with them as their primary guitarist.

But one night, after a concert in St. Louis, Missouri, Harvey Jett decided to abandon everything and commit his life to Jesus. As a result, we may now listen to the music that Harvey continues to produce on his CD “Eagles Flight.”

In the early 1970s (I want to say closer to 1971), a group of guys from the backwoods of Arkansas with a sound unlike anything I had ever heard, including three guitars, a great bass, and drums, emerged.

Harvey Jett
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The entire band sang, but the main singer, James Mangram, was more than simply a “Dandy”; he had a voice unlike any this old boy had ever heard. Speaking about singing from the heart, Jim Dandy gave his all to the band and did both.

“Black Oak Arkansas” was the name of the group. They were a formidable group that created their music and performed in crowded venues at stadiums and festivals worldwide.

Some songs were written in L.A. while on the road in their bus, and some were reported in New Orleans. The concerts were hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away, but this was their way of life, and they worked every night someplace, even in Europe. Boy, there sure are a lot of stories. For instance, after he was arrested, one poisoned a shark and brought him into the hotel room.

Tributes to Harvey Jett

Adieu, Harvey Jett. Another outstanding guitarist left. Because of how many albums Black Oak Arkansas sold, their rating had to be changed from Gold to Platinum. Later, he put everything behind him to follow Jesus, live a more straightforward “non-rock star status” life, and support other guitarists while continuing to compose music. He is currently praising Jesus, his King.

The passing of a true friend has left me inconsolably heartbroken. Harvey Jett of Black Oak, Arkansas, a rock musician, passed away today. Along with being a fantastic musician, Harvey was also a devout Christian. When this man strolled in and asked if I would record some Christian songs in 1988, I was working in Mel Tillis’ studio. His melodies were terrific, and he was brimming with the Holy Spirit.

Even though I adored him as a guitarist, he insisted that I play every instrument on the album because he was simply that modest! I first learned about Jesus Christ through him. Years later, I would meet Harvey’s daughter Hollie Jett (the young lady in this photo). We bonded immediately and co-wrote a lot of tunes. I adored Hollie, who had an incredible voice. Although I sincerely regret Hollie’s passing, I can assure you that I am aware of his current whereabouts.

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