Tori Spelling Hospitalized! She Hospitalized After Having a ‘Hard Time

ET can confirm that the 41-year-old actress-turned-reality-star was hospitalized after stumbling and falling on a hot hibachi grill while dining with her husband, Dean McDermott, and their children, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Finn, on Easter Sunday.

Tori slipped and fell backwards as she attempted to exit the restaurant in Encino, California, and “screamed out in agony,” according to a Daily Mail article citing eyewitnesses. She had a significant burn on the back of her right arm.

Pictures of her leaving the restaurant on Easter show Tori looking intently at her right arm.

How severe was the injury?

Tori is getting skin grafts this week, according to ET. She’s been in and out of the hospital as the procedure has begun. Her professional obligations, though, must continue; she is still organizing a unique book signing with her brother Randy on April 25, and she intends to support Dean when his book The Gourmet Dad: Easy and Delicious Meals the Whole Family Will Love is released on April 28.

Tori looked to be enjoying the vacation with her family before the tragedy, posting this lovely photo on Instagram last week.

One is, of course, her husband, Dean McDermott. The couple has been having marital problems, depicted on the small screen in their Lifetime docu-series True Tori, which aired its second season earlier this week. Despite their ups and downs, the couple appeared to be on good terms.

The second person in issue is her mother, Candy Spelling, who has acknowledged having a complicated relationship with her famous daughter over the years. But, once again, it appeared that these two were fine.

“Sharing your life with the public is quite gutsy, especially during difficult times. True Tori, a Lifetime Television docu-series on my daughter, has showed incredible courage and love to her beautiful family. Tonight is the debut of the second season “Candy posted a picture of Tori’s family on Facebook.

Dean and Candy have not commented on Tori’s hospitalization.

She was admitted over the weekend after seeking medical assistance for various symptoms, according to an E! News source. Tori had a fever, an uncontrolled cough, and difficulty breathing, according to the head. The reality star was admitted to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and was isolated for a short time as physicians evaluated her.

On Monday, we learned that the True Tori actress was getting more testing and would visit a lung specialist for her issue.

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