Simon Yaxley dies: BBC Radio Cumbria presenter Simon Yaxley

A frequent performer in pantomimes, Simon was well-known among amateur dramatic organisations around Cumbria.

Until Lakeland Radio was purchased from CN Group in 2017, “Yakkers” moved to Cumbria from Clacton-on-Sea in Essex to host the station’s morning show.

He next travelled to Radio Cumbria, where he hosted a brand-new programme. His unusual voice helped him become well-known throughout the county.

He was just radio through and through; it was his true passion, according to Andy Milliard, who used to co-present with Simon when he worked at Lakeland Radio. He was devastated when Lakeland Radio stopped serving this region, so getting his chance on Radio Cumbria made him very happy.

He had a lot of enthusiasm for the locals and was such a happy-go-lucky person.

A BBC representative said: “Simon’s family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers. We won’t make any further comments because we recognise how terrible this is for them.

How did Simon Yaxley die?

A spokeswoman for the BBC confirmed Simon Yaxley’s untimely death. He was a radio presenter for the BBC. On their social media pages, his coworkers posted homage.

The family and friends of Simon are in our hearts and minds, a BBC statement said. We won’t make any further comments because we recognise how tough this will be for them.

In Cumbria, Simon was well renowned for his pantomime performances. Simon was also a brilliant comic actor, able to inject physical humour into each job he took on with warmth and impeccable comic timing. He last appeared on stage at the Green Room in the spring, playing the defenceless Roger Fuller in “One For The Road.”

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Who was Simon Yaxley?

Simon was among the top hosts at Lakeland Radio and afterwards at BBC Cumbria. Among amateur dramatic groups in Cumbria, Simon received high praise for his performances in several pantomimes.

Before Lakeland Radio was acquired from CN Group in 2017, “Yakkers” relocated from Clacton-on-Sea in Essex to Cumbria and hosted the station’s morning show.

Later, he travelled to Radio Cumbria to broadcast a brand-new programme. His distinctive voice helped him become well-known across the nation.

Andy Milliard, a former co-presenter with Simon at Lakeland Radio, once remarked about him: “He was purely radio through and through; it was his genuine passion.” Simon was a fantastic friend, a great performer, and a good person.

Because he was so happy to have had his chance on Radio Cumbria, he was unhappy when Lakeland Radio stopped airing in this area. He was an upbeat person who cared a lot for the locals.

Tributes to Simon Yaxley:

@BBC Cumbria. Hi, Mike recently learned the terrible news about Simon Yaxley and sent his sympathies from Crowborough, East Sussex. Simon had an amiable style of presenting, and Mike enjoyed listening to him. Blythe Simon

@BBC Cumbria. I never met him, but to me, he was Mr Radio. I am shocked and heartbroken by the passing of such a magnificent person. Even the worst days would be improved by how he made you feel. Despite his death, nobody will ever forget him.

RIP @RadioYakkers (Simon Yaxley); the world has lost a top bloke, which is the sad news of the day. Simon was a standout broadcaster at Lakeland Radio and afterwards at @BBC Cumbria. A great performer as well as a charming and friendly person.

The genuinely heartbreaking news of Simon Yaxley’s passing was discovered when I woke up this morning.

We packed a lot of memories into our time at Lakeland Radio, and I am thankful for every one of them, from every day to the absurd and everything in between. Simon was incredibly generous with his warmth and talent. He’ll be missed.

It breaks my heart to learn about Simon Yaxley’s passing. We had some incredible times together and regarded him as part of our Christmas family. Many of you who came to see us in different pantomimes will have laughed alongside him and at him. Every NYE we spent together, he would DJ, and Kendal always felt like she was returning home.

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