Moses Omusolo Dead: What Happened to Moses Omusolo? Standard Journalist Murdered

Moses’ body was tragically found on Kang’undo Road on December 22, 2022, on a Thursday morning, shocking and grieving the journalism community. Moses Omusolo will be recognised for his willingness to raise complex issues and communicate significant tales to the globe. Learn more about this tragic incident by reading on.

Who Murdered Him? What Happened to Moses Omusolo?

A ditch contained the 35-year-old Moses Okiror Omusolo’s body on Thursday morning. According to reports, the business writer Moses Okiror Omusolo’s body may have been left at the scene after he was killed somewhere else.

His body was found close to Kangundo Road with a significant head slash wound. With the help of some personal documents he carried in a black backpack that served as identification, the police were able to identify him positively.

The deceased’s body was transported to the mortuary, and investigations are still taking place to determine what may have happened, according to Nairobi Police officer Adamson Bungei.

Also employed by Gumzo, a Mwanaspoti, Kenya Television Network, AllAfrica, Daily Nation, Standard Digital, and Business Daily Africa was Moses.

The National Police Service is currently investigating the horrifying murder of the writer. The motive for the murder and the suspects are yet unknown.

The body was found in the adjacent Umoja region, where the journalist had previously lived. He was employed with Nation Media Group before joining Standard Group.

Moses Omusolo
Image Source: The Standard

Moses Okiror Omusolo cause of death:

Murder was thought to be Moses Okiror Omusolo’s cause of death. The Standard Media Group and the media industry are mourning the loss of a print media editor who was found dead on December 22.

He may have been slain elsewhere, according to the police, and his body may have been placed on the road next to Superloaf Company. Since then, the police have opened a murder investigation.

In a tribute to him, a coworker said that despite being a senior company member, “he was very calm, barely angered anyone, and was quite personable.”

He was said to have been a man who got along well with his employees and had a solid grasp of the financial markets.

Omusolo had plans to wed in February 2023 and was currently engaged. Omusolo previously took some time off to prepare for his nuptials. He was not performing his duties when he passed away. To establish the facts behind Omusolo’s passing and provide his family with justice, Nairobi police are investigating.

Who was Moses Omusolo?

Masinde Muliro University’s 2013 graduating class included brilliant journalist Moses Omusolo, age 35. He became a member of the Standard Media Group and contributed to The Standard’s business section. Those who knew him well remembered him as a generous, large-hearted person who dreamed big in all facets of life. He had recently become engaged and was anxiously preparing for his wedding, which was scheduled for February of the following year.

Tributes to Moses Okiror Omusolo:

Moses Okiror Omusolo, a business journalist with Standard Media Group, was found dead on Kangundo Road with a severe cut to his head.

A journalist with the Standard Group, Moses Okiror Omusolo, was found dead, his corpse left by the side of the road at Nairobi’s Kangundo Road, with a nasty slash on his head.

Police believe he was murdered elsewhere and the body dumped there.

I send my sympathies to the family of the deceased. Wii alafu kuna family: “Some individuals are so cruel; let karma face those murderers and never have peace.”

Police in Nairobi has opened an investigation into the murder and decomposition of Standard Group journalist Moses Okiror Omusolo.

May those responsible for my colleague Moses Omusolo’s murder last night never find peace.

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