How Did Jho Rovero Die? What Happened To Jho Rovero?

To share the news of his wife Jho Rovero’s departure, actor Andrew Schimmer sent a message on social media on Tuesday, December 20.

The actor shared a snapshot of himself holding his wife’s hand on Facebook along with the statement, “The Love of my Life…my greatest friend.. my partner in everything.” Do not forget your vow to remain a couple forever.

Supporters expressed their sympathy, and it immediately became popular.

In a different video clip on Facebook, Andrew revealed that he was working and shooting an episode of “Family Feud” when he learned that his wife’s condition was worsening.

To no avail, he hurried to be by his wife’s side.

Jho spent more than a year in a hospital bed at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig City’s Bonifacio Global City before she passed away.

She was sent there after having a severe asthma attack that resulted in hypoxia.

How Did Jho Rovero Die?

Rovero died from cardiac arrest and complications from severe asthma after spending over a year in a coma. Hypoxemia, characterised by lower-than-normal oxygen levels in the arteries, also caused breathing issues for her.

According to Schimmer, he learned about Rovero’s passing while working on a GMA-7 Family Feud show.

What Happened To Jho Rovero?

Following a prolonged hospital stay, Jho Rovero, the fiancée of the actor Andrew Schimmer, passed away.

The actor announced the engagement on Facebook and included a photo of their clasped hands wearing what would have been their wedding bands.

My wife, my best friend, my life’s love, and my coworker, he declared. Never forget your vow to remain together forever.

Jho Rovero
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Jorhomy Rovero Disease

News of Jorhomy “Jho” Rovero’s passing was made public on Tuesday, December 20. She was Andrew Schimmer, an actor, and his wife.

Schimmer posted a video on Facebook informing her friends of her passing.

Rovero’s severe acute asthma caused cardiac arrest and hypoxia, forcing her to spend several months in the ICU.

The upset Schimmer responded that he was in the middle of taping for the GMA Network game programme “Family Feud” when informed that his wife’s condition was deteriorating.

Schimmer cancelled his taping and left for the hospital right away.

Jho Rovero And Andrew Schimmer Relationship

Regarding his wife’s prognosis, Andrew Schimmer has always been upbeat. Even though she battled severe hypoxemia, it only worsened and led to several problems.

Regarding his friendship with Jho Rovero, who passed away on Tuesday, actor Andrew Schimmer was always open and honest.

Andrew Schimmer, an actor and content producer, has been planning their wedding despite Jho Rivero’s illness. On Tuesday, December 20, Jho went away; therefore, their special day will no longer happen. She went away a year after becoming bedridden.

The actor has always been open about his wife’s medical conditions and difficulties. A month ago, she fought desperately to survive while he was left to defend her and their family.

He never gave up on his wife’s prognosis. She fought against acute hypoxia, but things got worse and more complicated.

Jho Rovero Biography

The admirers are looking up Jho Rovero’s biography as a model and actress. Jho Rovero’s biography and many other details are available here.
On an unknown day, Jho Rovero was born. People are anxiously looking for Jho Rovero’s biography due to the actor’s rising popularity. Of course, the biography of Jho Rovero is underneath.

Jho Rovero is 30-35 years old, so let’s start there. Jho Rovero has a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Jho Rovero Real Name

Most people don’t know Jho Rovero’s real name, so check out this section to learn it. Jho Rovero, however, does not go by any other name.

Jho Rovero Age

She was born on Unknown, Jho Rovero. Jho Rovero is between 30 and 35 years old, as noted in the table in his biography. Manila, Philippines, is the birthplace of Jho Rovero.

Jho Rovero Height and Weight

Jho Rovero’s height can be found in this section for curious people. Jho Rovero is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 55 pounds.

Jho Rovero Boyfriend/Husband

Jho Rovero, a model and actress, is she married? If not, who is her boyfriend? About her personal life, her admirers are incredibly curious. Regarding her private life, Jho Rovero has remained silent.

Jho Rovero Net Worth

Jho Rovero is extraordinarily well-liked and prosperous. This information is for you if you’re looking for Jho Rovero’s Net Worth. Wikibious estimates Jho Rovero’s net worth to be between $80K and $85K.

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