Racing car champion, Barry Barrable, passed at 54

A champion race car driver has said that he was handed a dreadful diagnosis when headaches were discovered to be a life-threatening brain tumor.

Barry Barrable, a 54-year-old rally driver, began experiencing headaches in September 2012, but he did not believe it was severe.

Barry was given a course of medicines for a suspected ear infection after seeing his doctor, but when the headaches persisted, he was sent for a scan that revealed alarming results.

A few days later, the Dubliner, who now resides in Stamullen, County Meath, underwent major surgery at Beaumont Hospital, where a 5cm glioblastoma brain tumour was discovered in the right temporal lobe

Barry was an experienced driver, but he faced stiff competition. At Mondello Park, he competed in the Production Saloons competition at the Santry Stock Car Track. Before he upgraded to an RS Turbo Escort, he drove a 3.0 Capri. On the other side, after he joined Aidan Fields’ AMF group, he began to notice results. Prior to then, he had only encountered failure. After that, he frequently placed in the top positions in the 205 GTI Championship. In an AMF Astra 16v, he raced in the Dunlop Saloon Car Championship. This specific tournament took place in the United Kingdom.

How did Barry Barrable Die?

Barry Barrable, the KA Champion, passed away on December 14, 2022. Modelo Park announced the tragic news on Facebook. In September of last year, Barry Barrable, a 54-year-old rally driver, began suffering from migraines. Barry was provided medicine for what was thought to be an ear infection; however, when the headaches persisted, he was sent for a scan, and the findings were concerning. A few days later, he underwent brain surgery at Beaumont Hospital when the neuro team discovered a 5-centimetre glioblastoma brain tumour in his right temporal lobe.

Fiesta ST Championship

The races between Barry and Michael Cullen were often televised on 98FM, one of his key sponsors. One of Barry’s primary sponsors was 98FM. In addition, Barry and his close friend Tommy Graham raced a Ford Ka at Tipperary Raceway. These occurrences took place at the racecourse. Barry has raced a Zetec Fiesta in the Fiesta ST Championship in recent years, and he was essentially the driving force behind the championship’s inception. He was in the British Touring Car Championship formation.

Barry’s races versus Michael Cullen became legendary, and one of his major sponsors, 98FM, broadcasted them often.

98FM was one of Barry’s primary sponsors. Additionally, Barry raced at Tipperary Raceway in a Ford Ka alongside his close buddy Tommy Graham. These occurrences occurred at the track.

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