Who is Samuel Parsons-Salas? Why Parsons-Sales was arrested in 2009?

On Tuesday, Portage Park resident Samuel Parsons-Salas was charged with first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder, and one act of kidnapping. Police claim he was the shooter who killed a 25-year-old lady celebrating her birthday, her 50-year-old father, and two of her friends after an altercation.

On Monday, Parsons-Salas was detained.

Early on Sunday, there was a gunshot in the 5500 block of West School Street, across from Vera’s Lounge (3235 N. Central Ave).

According to the police, a verbal altercation in the bar escalated into physical violence and split out into the street on Sunday.

Upon being asked to leave the party, Parson-Salas allegedly grabbed a gun from a car, approached the crowd, and then opened fire, striking two men and two women before eluding capture in a shadowy SUV, according to Supt. David Brown during a press conference held Tuesday night.

Brown stated that according to surveillance footage, Parsons-Salas was seen pulling a gun out of a car before shooting the four victims.

The rest, according to Brown, “is inexplicable. He was asked to leave the gathering.” It is beyond comprehension why he escalated the situation to killing three individuals after being asked to leave the party.

Who is Samuel Parsons-Salas?

After a shooting spree in the Belmont Cragin early on Sunday morning, 32-year-old Samuel Parsons Salas, a convicted felon, was captured and charged with three felonies.

The same person, Samuel Parsons Salas, is accused of both the shooting in Albany Park in 2009 and the fatal shooting at the Vera Lounge in Portage Park.

An arrest has been made concerning a fatal shooting that occurred over the weekend at a birthday party at a tavern in Portage Park. The suspect was a convicted felon who was on parole.

The charges against 32-year-old Chicago resident Samuel Parsons-Salas include the following:

  • Three felony counts of first-degree murder.
  • One felony act of attempted first-degree murder.
  • One felony offence of kidnapping.

According to Chicago Police Supt. David Brown, Parsons-Salas, was on parole after being released in September for a home invasion. He was detained on Monday and accused of firing the deadly shot on Tuesday.

Samuel Parsons-Salas
Image Source: ABC- Chicago

What happened at the Chicago Portage park?

Parsons-Salas reportedly received an invitation to the birthday party from a third party. He had been told to leave the gathering sometime throughout the evening.

Authorities claim that Parsons-Salas can be seen entering a car and pulling out what appears to be a pistol in a video. Parsons-Salas began shooting the participants in a fight that had broken out outside the bar.

The niece sustained severe wounds, and her father, Ricky Vera, 50, was killed. Two of the woman’s acquaintances who also perished were Mario Pozuelos, 26, and Mercedes Tavares, 24.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office claims and the police, Vera and Pozuelos, who were shot in the head and body, were declared dead at the site. Tavares was sent to Mount Sinai Hospital, where his death was later pronounced.

A law enforcement source claimed that Parsons-Salas allegedly kept firing while standing over a number of the victims. Then he drove off in a black SUV at high speed.

Police stated that a woman was being held against her will in the automobile Parsons-Salas fled in, leading to his kidnapping charge. After being shot in the head, my 25-year-old niece was taken to Mount Sinai and is now in serious condition.

Portage park shooting- Explained:

The incident happened at a party for the bar owner’s niece’s birthday at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. At the Vera Lounge, there was gunfire at 3235 N. Central Ave., off School Street in Portage Park.

The police claim a fight inside the bar spilt outside and into the street when a man opened fire before driving off in a dark sport utility vehicle.

An associate of the family claimed that the event was a birthday celebration for Maria on Saturday night. In the interview, Supt. Brown stated, “This incident is a tragedy; It should never have escalated to a loss of life.”

Brown decided to avoid going into specifics about how the killings were carried out, just describing them as “heartless.” Brown responded, “The rest is unexplained,” when asked about the specific cause of the violence.

Ricardo Douglas, Pozuelos’s cousin and the shooting victim remarked that the fact that the shooter had been apprehended “makes things a little bit easier for the family.”

The location, which is close to the pub, saw Douglas return there on Tuesday. No one earned it. No matter what the situation, Douglas asserted, there is always a way to resolve problems.

This is family. It is a tragedy in the end, in my heart. I just came here to support him because I lost a family member.

A GoFundMe has been established to help with the Vera family’s funeral and medical expenses. Parsons-Salas will appear in bond court on Wednesday. To celebrate the lives of Tavares, a mother of three children, Ricky and Mariah Vera, and his 26-year-old cousin, he placed flowers and a prayer.

Why Parsons-Sales was arrested in 2009?

According to the authorities, Parsons-Salas was one of the victims of a double homicide on September 21, 2009.

Parsons-Salas and a second man had firearms and intended to commit a “lick” at an apartment building in the 3500 block of West Sunnyside: Parson-Salas with a 22-calibre pistol and Doehring with a. 380-calibre revolver.

The shooters entered the residence at 1 a.m., according to Kwilos and a police arrest log. Alex Santiago, 23, and Angelina Escobar, 19, were the victims inside sleeping.

Escobar and Santiago’s bedroom quarters are where Doehring allegedly entered. Kilos claimed that he shot Escobar multiple times before shooting Santiago in the head. Unluckily, he has taken more lives. At this moment, Kwilos stated, our thoughts and prayers are with their families.

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