What happened to Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow? Police in the Wieambilla shooting “didn’t stand a chance”.

The two cops slain in a shooting at Wieambilla on Monday night “did not stand a chance,” according to Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll. It was a wonder that two others were able to escape the ambush.

Constables Matthew Arnold, 26, and Rachel McCrow, 29, arrived at the location looking for information on missing man Nathaniel Train when they were met with a “shower of gunfire,” with one officer receiving a graze wound and three others escaping by scurrying into the tall grass. A neighbour was also murdered with a gun.

How did Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow die? 

While looking into the disappearance of Nathaniel Train in a rural residence, officers Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow were killed, starting a siege. It went like this:

Six people were killed in an ambush termed “ruthless” and “cold-blooded” at a remote Queensland farm, including two police officers.

The officers and a neighbour were killed on Monday night, according to allegations made against a former school principal named Nathaniel Train, his brother Gareth Train, and his sister-in-law Stacey Train. In an altercation with heavily armed tactical police, they were ultimately shot and killed.

Gareth Train, a landowner, routinely posted comments on a conspiracy website before police slew him. The entire police force and the families of the victims were horrified by the heinous conduct, according to Queensland police commissioner Katarina Carroll.

Who are Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow?

The Tara police station employed constables Matthew Arnold, 26, and Rachel McCrow, 29. In Tara, which is 45 minutes south of Wieambilla, the two murdered officers shared a home that belonged to the police.

Matthew was sworn in as a police officer in March 2020, whereas Rachel was sworn in as a police officer last year in June 2021. Together, they had previously served in Dalby.

According to Constable Arnold’s close buddy, the young policeman had parked his car and was getting ready to drive four hours to Brisbane to celebrate the holidays with his parents.

She explained, “He was supposed to return home today and begin his Christmas vacation with pals. He would have already started his return journey if he hadn’t gotten that call yesterday. The town of Wieambilla in Queensland, situated close to Chinchilla, has a population of about 100.

Matthew Arnold and Rachel McCrow
Image Source: South Coast Register

Constable Arnold’s triplet sister’s tribute:

Hayley, one of Constable Arnold’s triplet sisters, paid tribute to her sibling on social media on Tuesday night.

She wrote that I couldn’t even describe our love and connection. “As triplets, we were destined to spend our entire lives together. Since we heard the knock on the door, a third of me has vanished, leaving behind physical grief.

You were supposed to return home today and spend the holidays there. You ought to have had access to travel home.

Constable Brough texted his friends, family, and workplace in a panic after making his way into the nearby bushland. Even with a gunshot wound to the leg, Officer Kirk could escape.

Constable Kirk lives in Chinchilla with his pregnant wife and young child. In the hospital, he and Constable Brough are both doing better. At about 10.30 p.m. Police shot and killed Gareth, Nathaniel, and Stacey Train simultaneously (local time).

Police in the Wieambilla shooting “didn’t stand a chance”:

The two police officers slain in the Wieambilla shooting incident on Monday night “did not stand a chance,” according to Katarina Carroll, the Queensland police commissioner.

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll paid tribute to the officers during a sombre press briefing late on Monday. Those officers, she said, “didn’t stand a chance, in my opinion.”

“Matthew and Rachel were highly regarded and well-liked Queensland Police Service personnel.” She claimed both were committed, brave, and eager to support the police and the local community.

“Both are younger than 30. Both of them had extraordinary lives and careers ahead of them. We’ve put in place devoted family liaison officers to support their families. I’ll be going to see their families soon. A small station located in a close-knit neighbourhood is Tara.

A “shower of gunfire” murdered constables Matthew Arnold, 26, and Rachel McCrow, 29. A particular response unit of 16 officers shot and killed three people after a siege.

Speaking from Chinchilla on Tuesday morning, Carroll referred to the deaths of the two officers as “devastating.” She said she had gone to the property that morning to view the “confronting” scene. She spoke. “It’s a miracle that two made it out alive.”

When asked about her observations at the scene, Carroll replied that the cops had been shot in an open area. They were in an open space when you approached the house where this allegedly occurred.

She continued, “I would say that I cannot imagine that two officers made it out alive. To locate the cop sheltering, the attackers then lit a grassfire.

When the 58-year-old neighbour from the other property arrived to investigate, he was shot and killed. Carroll remarked, “From what I gather, the neighbour was going to witness what was happening, and I’m not sure if it was because of the fire or hearing firearms being fired.” But like my officers, that neighbour had no hope of survival.

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