Queensland shooting: How did the 2 police officers & the public die?

According to government organisation Screen Queensland, Queensland, Australia, will be the location for the untitled sequel to the 2021 box office sensation “Godzilla Vs. Kong.”

State Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told reporters today that filming for the Legendary film, which will be the fifth instalment in its Monsterverse franchise, will begin later this year in sites across the Gold Coast and the southeast.

The details of the sequel are unknown, although ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’s director Adam Wingard said to Deadline last year that he would “absolutely love to continue” with the property.

And he said, “There is, in my opinion, much more to do at the obvious beginning point we established (at GVK), which was exploring Hollow Earth. This is a prehistoric account of Planet Earth, the origin of all titans. In this movie, we raise several questions I wish to have answered, examined, and developed further.”

‘Godzilla Vs. Kong,’ a Legendary/Warner Bros. film that was previously filmed in Queensland, made over $468 million worldwide. Kong Skull Island, which debuted in 2017, also opened a shop nearby before GVK.

Eric McLeod, the producer, said, “Filming in Australia is a terrific experience because of the highly qualified workers, excellent facilities, and distinctive settings. Support from the federal government has always been essential to our ability to produce films of a high calibre and provide audiences with an unmatched viewing experience.”

Palaszczuk said, “The production is anticipated to more than double the $36.5 million that Godzilla Vs. Kong brought to the state will be a welcome boost as we work to recover from the effects of the global pandemic and the flooding catastrophes in southeast Queensland. These productions help the local economy, create jobs in the area, and support small businesses and neighbourhoods around the production locations.”

Queensland shooting
Image Source: ABC

How did the 2 police officers & the public die?

Three people were shot and killed:

  • Two Queensland police officers
  • A member of the public
  • A remote property west of Brisbane

Following the confrontation at Wieambilla on the Western Downs, another officer was shot in the abrasion and is currently receiving medical attention at a hospital, according to Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll.

The fourth officer receives medical attention after being allowed to exit the facility. No one has been found who committed the crimes. According to Commissioner Carroll, the location is currently the scene of an operation. “PolAir and professional colleagues are concerned.”

Even though we still don’t fully understand the implications of what happened today, we know that it’s a very problematic situation on many levels. Several ambulances were sent to the area earlier today in Wieambilla’s Wains Road after surrounding neighbours reported hearing many gunshots and seeing burned cars.

There is a tiny wooden house and a few tiny field plots on the property where the incident occurred. Tragically, this represents the most significant death toll in recent years. Commissioner Carroll said at a late-night press conference.

What happened on the spot?

Three persons were shot and killed in an ambush at a remote farm in Queensland’s Darling Downs: two police officers and a member of the public.

On Monday at 4.45 p.m., when police arrived at the rural Wieambilla property, at least two shooters opened fire and wounded another two officers—a man and a woman, we believe.

Police responded by opening fire, but two of them sustained significant injuries. In the initial exchange of gunfire, one of the officers who was hit managed to escape. Despite having severe wounds, he was able to flee in one of the patrol cars and telephone for assistance, a police source claimed.

Both injured officers—whose current conditions are unknown—were transferred to the hospital when the location of the second injured officer was discovered. The shooters are still free, and it is thought that they have seized police communication tools, allowing them to keep tabs on police operations as the search continues.

It’s understood that the officers visited the residence to look into reports of a New South Wales resident who was reported missing. Wains Road was closed to traffic on Monday night because the Wieambilla district was still under an emergency declaration.

Mary Street, Bennetts School Road, Wieambilla Road, and Chinchilla Tara Road inhabitants have been told to stay inside till further notice. There were two LifeFlight helicopters, the Rescue 500 plane, and the Queensland Ambulance Service on the site.

In addition, specialised police have been dispatched. In the Wieambilla region, communication issues are well known.

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