White Lotus so far- Have you watched it yet?

The White Lotus concluded its second season with an action-packed conclusion, and as we all know, not everyone survived.
Sunday’s conclusion begins with Ethan still plagued by thoughts of Harper and Cameron fighting. Albie offers to take Lucia back to Los Angeles with him (!) as Dom longingly goes through photographs of his now-split family. Tanya awakens at Quentin’s palazzo and hears him suspiciously speaking with his pals as she descends for breakfast.

Also, one of Quentin’s friends praises her for meeting a new acquaintance “so late in life”; hence, is her life coming to an end? Portia is still locked up in a hotel room with Jack, and despite Jack’s reassurances, she panics when she can’t find her phone. She was also unable to locate him on Instagram. How can you trust such a person?

Valentina wakes up next to Mia, who compliments her performance the previous evening: “You did well.” Harper ultimately declares to Cameron during breakfast, “You’re an idiot.” (It appears they do not have a hidden relationship.) Albie, meantime, informs his father that he needs fifty thousand euros to purchase Lucia’s release. Albie promises to assist Dom with Mom in compensation for his first refusal: “I’ll help you with Mom.”

Now we’re bargaining! Valentina agrees to bring Rocco back to the front desk, much to Isabella’s pleasure. Tanya returns to that bedroom and reexamines the photograph of Quentin and little Greg. Quentin captures the woman! Even though Tanya swears the cowboy looks just like Greg, he maintains his name is Steve and rushes her out the door before she can investigate further.

Did Cameron slept with her?

Harper is confronted by Ethan, who claims she slept with Cameron to get back at him. She reminds him that she discovered a condom on the sofa and that he urged her to trust him; thus, why can’t he trust her? She says that she drank shots with Cameron at the bar, went back to their room, and he kissed her, but nothing further occurred. She describes it as “drunken stupidity,” but Ethan still believes she is lying. He departs in a rage and rushes to the beach, where he discovers Cameron swimming in the ocean.

He runs up to him, accusing him of wanting to sleep with Harper. They engage in a vicious wrestling struggle, taking turns holding one other under the water until a third party intervenes; nevertheless, Ethan gets in one good punch before walking away.

Portia still cannot locate her phone and is perplexed when Jack informs her that Tanya is already on a boat returning to the hotel, but Jack advises her to get a drink and unwind.

Is it turning out to be a horror film?

Quentin and his buddies explain to Tanya how difficult it is to maintain their old palazzos, but they are interrupted by Portia’s call on Jack’s phone. Tanya informs Portia of what she observed Jack doing (“He was kind of f—ing his uncle”), and Portia reveals what Jack stated regarding Quentin’s financial needs.

Tanya suddenly connects it with the portrait of Greg, and according to their prenup, if she dies, Greg will get everything. Tanya resolves, “We have to get the f— out of here,” as Jack snatches his phone from Portia’s hand. She desires to return to the hotel, but Jack reassures her there is no urgency, and Quentin informs Tanya that they will be at sea for several more hours. Why does this now feel like a horror film?

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