Who is Tammy Bruce Husband? Is Tammy Bruce Married?

Tammy K. Bruce was born in 1962, on 20th August. Tammy is an American conservative radio host and writer. She is also a political commenter. Prior she has been head of the National Organization for Women of the Los Angeles chapter. She is currently the organiser of Get Tammy Bruce on Fox Nation, and an on-air contributor to Fox News.

She also wrote three books named follows:

The New Thought Police was published in 2001.

The Death of Right and Wrong was published in the year 2003.

The New American Revolution was published in 2005.

Tammy Bruce’S Career Points

Bruce has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Southern California, University.

From 1990 to 1996, Bruce worked as president of the National Organization for Women. She was the youngest woman at that time to lead a major chapter of the National Organization for Women

Bruce worked for two years on the National Organization for Women’s board of directors, but after that in a book, she criticized that organization.

At the beginning of the 1990s, she led the campaign organization to publicly censure the hypersexualized violence in American Psycho novels and spearheaded the campaign to avoid each and every title by the book’s creator, Knopf, for one year.

Tammy hosted a weekend talk show overnight on KFI in 1997. On Talk Radio Network, in the era of 2000s, she also organised a national radio program.

In 2003, after her successful recall election against Gray Davis, she was appointed to work on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s transition team.

In 2009, Bruce also discussed that “we have got waste in the White House.” after President Barack Obama and his family shifted into the White House.

Who is Tammy Bruce’s Husband?

Tammy Bruce
Image Source: The Advocate

During an interview in 2006, Bruce declared that she was bisexual and, identifying her as a lesbian was her choice. In a prior speech, she identified herself as by choice lesbian.

When she was 17 years old she became a couple with 34-year-old Brenda Benet. They lived together for around one year before Bruce broke the relationship with him in 1982 at that time she was of 23 years. On 7th April around two years, Bruce and Benet had first met and after two weeks Bruce moved on, Benet killed himself at her home when he got her home for a lunch date.

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