Is Brandon Herrera Dead or Alive? RIP Brandon Herrera’s Twitter hoax.

The AK Guy, also known as Brandon Herrera, is not dead. Before we continue, let’s clarify that since a tweet falsely states he was slain in Ukraine.

Brandon started to make fun of his false death and asked for fans’ prayers when rumours of the American YouTuber’s death began circulating on Twitter and Instagram.

You should be aware of why some people believed the content writer was deceased, even though there is nothing to be concerned about.

People started to worry about The AK Guy’s life after viewing the Twitter as mentioned above tweet because they knew he handled much too many guns.

The post featured a “Breaking News” posted on a Krus page. In their message, they noted that “US Navy Veteran and Youtuber Brandon Herrera was killed while fighting in Ukraine.”

The YouTuber is still alive and even making jokes about his demise. Therefore this claim is untrue.

Brandon laughed while reposting the same post, “Your thoughts and prayers are welcomed in this trying time.”

Is Brandon Herrera Dead or Alive?

After seeing the comments on Twitter that claimed The AK Guy had died in a battle, people were concerned for his safety. The page Cyrus shared the “Breaking News” in the post, which stated that “US Navy Veteran and YouTuber Brandon Herrera murdered while fighting in Ukraine.”

These tweets, however, are phoney and were only shared for laughs. Let’s start a tweet war.

Krus tweeted first, “RSOTM has confirmed this, saying he was killed by Wagner Mercenaries in Bakhmut,” in response to the initial claim.

Following this tweet, folks were uncertain as to whether he was still alive or not. People were worried about The AK Guy’s life after viewing the relevant Twitter tweet, given that he handles too many guns.

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The identical post was retweeted by Brandon, who added, “Your thoughts and prayers are welcomed in this tough time.”
“Confirmed by the family, really sorry, rip hero,” Krus tweeted.

Another post with a skeleton holding a weapon and the words “This has been further confirmed by Kruschiki Correspondents implanted in Wagner” as the logo.

When one of Brandon’s supporters joined the troll by posting a GIF of a dog acting as though it had been shot, the YouTuber responded wonderfully, saying, “Bro, at least put an NSFW notice on that,” someone said.

Another Twitter user warned Brandon to take extra precautions while in Ukraine. I’ll exact my vengeance for this, Krus, aka krus chiki, tweeted. You did just kill me, Brandon Herrera responded with hilarity.

Let this be a message to those of you who try to stand in my way, Krus tweeted in response to the retweet.

RIP Brandon Herrera’s Twitter hoax:

The AK Guy, whose real name is Brandon Herrera, is still alive. Let’s be clear about that before we discuss the facts of a tweet that erroneously claims he was slain in Ukraine.

Twitter was flooded with rumours that the AK man had passed away, but Brandon Herrera was still alive. Following reports of the American YouTuber’s demise spreading on Twitter and Instagram, Brandon started to make fun of his phoney demise while pleading for fans’ prayers.

However, there is nothing comparable, and he is still living. Let’s investigate the basis for the Twitter rumours that he had passed away.


The AK Guy is owned by Brandon and produces “all shapes and sizes of Kalashnikov design firearms.” Fayetteville, North Carolina, serves as their home base. In addition to designing the AK-50 rifle, he is a co-owner of the Stark Media Group.

The content creator found success on YouTube, where he posts videos of himself using different weaponry. He is a North Carolina (Fayetteville)-based 07 Firearm Manufacturer.

Both on YouTube and Instagram, Brandon has more than 2.25 million subscribers. Brandon is well-known for his assessments of popular gun memes in addition to shooting and selling firearms.

Brandon Herrera Obituary

We all know that AK and AR guys are slightly distinct breeds. Let’s investigate these differences in a fair and equal manner that will undoubtedly not cause the internet to go down. —- Who I am Brandon Herrera is who I am. I am the owner and operator of AK Guy Inc, a North Carolina company that manufactures 07 guns. I also co-own Stark Media Group and created the AK-50 weapon. In addition to recording my entrepreneurial adventure as I attempted to expand my business over the following few years, I launched my YouTube channel just for pleasure.

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