Did John Leonard Get The Jet? Is Pepsi Where Is My Jet Based On True Story?

Tyler Lee Pace of Moscow was slain by the same man 15 years ago, and he is currently behind bars after reportedly hitting his wife and a little child.

The Latah County Sheriff’s Office Jail in Moscow is housing James Leonard, age 39, on a $100,000 bail. Leonard is accused of criminal attempted strangulation, felony injury to a child, felony domestic battery with traumatic injury, and felony assault with a deadly weapon.

In response to a report of domestic abuse at a residence on Palouse River Drive, Moscow Police officers on Tuesday night detained Leonard. Leonard’s wife reportedly informed police that he repeatedly beat her, strangled her, and abused a child. This is according to paperwork from the Latah County Second District Court. Other residents notified police of the house, who said they saw the same event. According to the police, Leonard is accused of stabbing his wife while carrying a knife. Additionally, police discovered Leonard, who they claim to hit a youngster about a dozen times and pulled the child by the hair. The toddler looked to have a concussion, according to court records. The injured were transported to Moscow’s Gritman Medical Center for treatment. Police claim Leonard was using a knife to cut himself. Paramedics treated him on the spot before being taken to jail because he refused to go to the hospital. Leonard was found with two knives and marijuana and, according to Moscow Police, was very intoxicated.

During a dispute at his Genesee home in 2007, Leonard fatally shot 25-year-old Tyler Lee Pace of Moscow. In 2009, before to pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter, he was charged with second-degree murder. Judge Jeff Brodie of the Second District Court, who is since retired, gave Leonard his original prison term, which could have been up to 15 years. After only five months in prison, Judge Brodie sentenced Leonard to 15 years of probation. Bill Thompson, the Latah County Prosecutor, objected to Judge Brodie’s decision and pushed for further time in jail. In that 2009 hearing, the Idaho Department of Corrections suggested that Leonard be granted release.

Did John Leonard Get The Jet?

The plaintiff received a certified check for $700,08.50 rather than the amount of 7,000,000 Pepsi Points from the purchase of Pepsi products. While Leo still had 15 points remaining, he paid $0.10 per point for the remaining 6,999,985 points, plus $10 for shipping and handling. The commercial’s concluding scene references the adolescent who lands a Harrier jet in his high school.

John Leonard Pepsi Today

In the 1990s, John Leonard, a student, attempted to file a lawsuit against Pepsi. Leonardo observed the 1996 Pepsi commercial, which made the point that customers might earn Pepsi points by exchanging those points for better incentives. In contrast to what the commercial implies, John did not receive a jet from the Pepsi firm.

James Leonard
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Is Pepsi Where Is My Jet Based On True Story?

The Netflix documentary “Pepsi Where Is My Jet” may be familiar to you. The viewers experienced a shock as a result of the plot. And the first thought that crosses their minds is whether Pepsi’s Where Is My Jet is based on a true story. The Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? is based on a Netflix documentary series on the PepsiCo competition in the 1990s. The story follows a subsequent court case. On November 17, 2022, the show debuted.

Where Is John Leonard Pepsi Today?

The plaintiff received a certified cheque for $700,008.50 rather than 7,000,000 Pepsi Points from his purchases of Pepsi products. Leonardo saw the Pepsi advertisement from 1996; it conveyed that consumers could earn Pepsi points by exchanging them for better rewards. Although the corporation claimed the ad was created as a joke, the dispute was eventually brought before a judge in 1999. Although the Pepsi advertisement depicts the youngster landing at the school in a jet, John does not receive a rush from Pepsi.

What Is John Leonard Pepsi Net Worth?

Hoffman also tried to give Pepsi a $700,000 check, but the business turned him down. Even though the corporation claimed the advertisement was created as a joke, the matter was brought before a judge in 1999. The Pepsi advertisement depicts the adolescent arriving at the school in a jet, although John does not receive a plane from Pepsi.

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