In the case of the suitcase murders in West Seattle, a landlord has been found guilty

A Washington landlord was found convicted of killing tenants by the Washington state jury on Thursday. landlord stuffed the bodies into the suitcases after killing both tenants. Michael Dudley is the name of the landlord who killed both Jessica Lewis and his boyfriend Austin Wenne. According to fox news, the bodies of the couple were found on Alki Beach in Seattle in 2020. On the day of the incident, a neighbour reported gunshots at Burien, Washington on 9 June 2020 and a man pleading for his life but when police arrived at the home they did not find anyone. When the police asked firmly Dudley can not explain properly why he would not answer the door for the police.

Cell phone data play a major role in this whole scenario, with the help of this they learned that Lewis stopped sending messages on the night of the shooting. also with the help of a cellphone data landlord, Dudley was found at Alki Beach one day before , when police found the suitcase containing the bodies. In this case, Prosecutors did not have any live witnesses who watch the landlord at the time of the murder they depend on the evidence that was sufficient enough to prove Dudley’s crime. Wenne and Lewis both were tenants of Dudley’s.

Washington landlord convicted
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During the hearing session, Prosecutors said the Lewis was shot twice and the Wenne was shot at least one time and then both were put inside the suitcases. Another side the Lawyers of Michael Dudley argued that this is not possible that a 62 years old man did this type of crime. Gina Jaschke, aunt of Lewis told now she felt troubled at looking at Dudley.

” I would never think about that his terror comes at this point, I just look at him and I can’t imagine what he’s done with the couple. it’s too hard to absorb this horrible incident,” said Jascke. The age of Jessica Lewis was 35 and the Austin Wenner was 27 years old. According to court documents Dudley divided up the body parts of both bodies after killing and then packed the different parts into multiple bags and tried to hide them.

According to charging documents it may be possible that this incident was done with the help of “someone” it looks like more people are involved in this because as saws the cut on the couple’s body they are looking in a very “disorganized” manner” told by Dr Kathy Taylor anthropologist, Washington state forensics department.

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