How did Dante de la Torre die? Missing Colfax High School Student Dante De La Torre Found Dead

Dante De La Torre, 16, a missing student from Colfax High School, was discovered dead just over 24 hours after going missing while working on a school assignment on Wednesday. More people want to know about Dante De La Torre, a missing student from Colfax High School who was later found dead. Information about Dante De La Torre, a student who had gone absent from Colfax High School, is provided in this article.

How did Dante de la Torre die?

Authorities claim that the 16-year-old Colfax student’s body was discovered in a secluded area close to the rest area. Just before 7 o’clock, his body was found. On December 8, 2022, more than a day after going missing. According to the sheriff’s office, the young youngster was last seen with a tiny shovel, water bottles, and snow boots. No evidence suggests that De La Torre’s death was tainted.

Dante La Torre Cause of death

With 40 searches and recovery personnel, including those using police dogs, crews explored the recreation area Wednesday night and returned Thursday. There are still unanswered concerns, such as how exactly De la Torre passed, why he was secluded, and why he was permitted to leave school during school hours for the project. He would be taken to the coroner for an investigation, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

Who Is Dante La Torre?

The Placer Union High School District authorised Colfax High School to enrol De la Torre, an Auburn resident, in the International Baccalaureate programme. “Colfax High School, along with the full Placer Union High School District, is heartbroken to understand the passing of Dante de la Torre as informed by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office,” the academy district said in a release. De la Torre was also a member of the school’s soccer squad. “Such tragedies, particularly when they involve young people, are tough to digest,” she said.

Dante La Torre
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Missing Colfax High School Student Dante De La Torre Found Dead

The Colfax High School student, 16, who went missing on Wednesday while working on a project for the class was found dead just over 24 hours later, according to a statement from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday. In a Facebook post, the sheriff’s office stated that Dante de la Torre’s death was not suspected to be the result of foul play. “We present our condolences to the Delatorre [sic] family and Dante’s buddies during this unbelievably sad time,” the post read. After going to the Gold Run rest stop off Interstate 80 to get soil samples, de la Torre was reported missing. However, according to the sheriff’s office, he never did return.

Disappearance Of Dante La Torre

Around 2:30 p.m., the teenager arrived at the rest area. Wednesday. De la Torre was described as Hispanic with brown hair, a buzz cut, and brown eyes. He was also said to have filled water bottles, a hand towel, a small shovel, and snow boots. He is 160 pounds and 5 feet, 11 inches tall. He was the last saw wearing a tan jacket, blue sweatshirt, brown hiking boots, and jeans.

Tributes pour in for Dante de la Torre

Everyone has been in great anguish due to the news of Dante de la Torre’s tragic passing. The 16-year-old Colfax student’s family has received condolence messages from users of various social media networks.

Cameron Salerno, a reporter for @247sports’ national news desk, published a tweet on his Twitter account expressing his condolences for the young boy’s passing. “This is abjectly nasty,” states the tweet. Junior soccer player at Colfax High School with skill, Dante De La Torre. RIP.”

We offer our deepest condolences to the deceased’s family, friends, and all of their loved ones. For Dante’s family, his unexpected passing leaves a massive, challenging void. May God give his family the courage they need to overcome this difficult time.

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