Coach Eric Baker found dead at his home

We convey this terrible news with incredibly heavy hearts. Yesterday, one of our most cherished staff members passed away unexpectedly at home. We discovered it late last night. Coach Eric Baker has been a presence at Cheer Extreme DMV for the past eleven years, and he has brought so many smiles to the faces of our athletes and their families.

Eric Baker Cause of death

We are utterly grieved by this tragic loss. While we do not have any information on service at this time, we are planning a memorial service and will give updates as they become available. Eric was usually the loudest and most entertaining person in the room, and we knew he would want us to celebrate his life and share our favourite memories.

This season will be dedicated to Eric. Our athletes and their families were everything to him. We will notify you shortly of the day and time we shall commemorate him. We will be in the gym regularly and available to anyone who wishes to speak with us.

In 1992, Cheer Extreme, an all-star cheerleading group, was created. We are ecstatic that you wish to learn more about our program.

As a family-owned business, CEA takes great delight in sharing our passion for sports with over 1,000 players from North Carolina, Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Through practice, performance, and competition, our team strives to facilitate the emotional, cognitive, and physical development of athletes.

According to our theory, any youngster with the proper guidance and instruction may realize their full potential.

All-Star cheerleading involves elite stunting, dance, strength & conditioning, and tumbling to encourage collaboration and objective setting. The safety of your athlete is always a top priority, and we hire the most qualified professionals to coach them wherever.

Eric Baker Tributes

“This news has crushed us. Coach Eric was larger than life, and I can’t express how much we miss him. Appreciate you for being such a role model for Supernovas. Eric. You always have faith in their potential and helped them develop tremendously as athletes, from their skill level to their cheer sass! We will never forget your smile, laughter, love, and prayers for Eric and his family”. Said Ruderman, Marci A.

“We are devastated by the news. Eric was such a blessing to our girls, and I’m not sure how we’ll manage without him. All those who knew and loved him send their condolences.” said Mimi Gehres.

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