The state of North Carolina offers a $25k reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for power outages

Roy Copper the governor of North Carolina recently declared a reward for providing any information about damaging two power substations in Moore County the prize reward is up to $25,000 for Moore County and $75,000 for information about Duke Energy.

Cooper said to the media “this type of attack not be tolerated in any situation, this type of attack can make a critical threat to us”. he further added “I want to say thanks to coordinated efforts of law enforcement to give their best to find the culprits and I also appreciate the Moore County and Duke Energy to declare award for providing information about culprits.

On Saturday night around 7 pm, gunfire shots were fired on Duke Energy this incident affect over 40,000 people living without electricity. The local officials said that it looks like the attack was intentional and the reason behind the attack is still unknown. Ronnie Fields, the Moore County Sheriff explained the incident in a very strange way saying we still have not found this type of case till now. he further added we found extreme damage from the fire shots of the gun on substations.


North Carolina
Image Source: ABC News

Now FBI joins the investigation after the incident on Monday, but the County law enforcement and the State Bureau of Investigations have already investigated this incident. Fields talked to reporters on Sunday and said “Still we have not any confirmed information about the incident and in this situation, we don’t deny any rumours because anything is possible and we are trying to catch the culprits in every situation.

An official from Duke Energy Jeff Brooks said: “we will expect the outages to last until Thursday, and we are trying too hard to make everything in normal condition”. Brook also explained about the incident “we found in our internal investigation that the attack was intentional and the attack is planned to stop the electricity, the repair plan is still in work some of the equipment was damaged and we will have to change it as soon as possible. Our Cast and crews are currently working on the recognition plan. according to the latest update on Wednesday only one person was found without electricity in Moore County as informed by the PowerOutage officials.

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