Posthumous degrees awarded to Virginia football players killed in a shooting

Three Football players were killed in a shooting last month now the University of Virginia Decided to award those students for posthumous degrees. The name of students D’Sean Perry, Lavel Davis Jr., and Devin Chandler were studying in the University’s College of Arts & Sciences. According to the University of Virginia Rachel Most, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and also served all three students in the college initiated the request for the posthumous degree. One of the names is Davis working in African American and African studies, he is a Junior from Ridgeville, S.C.
Another Student name Chandler from Huntersville, N.C, was a student of American studies. Third one Perry, a senior from Miami, was in the trade of African American and African along with studio art.

The Printed Degree was delivered to Carla Williams, Director of Athletics; who attend the funerals along with the University of Virginia’s President and other members of the university as told by the officials of the University. “I feel very honoured after presenting these degrees to their respected families of Level, Devin, and DeSean,” said Williams in a new press release. On November 13 a bus was returned to campus from a field trip to Washington D.C then suddenly a former UVA soccer player named Christopher Jones Jr. allegedly start the fire on the bus and Davis, Chandler and Perry were shot dead in this horrible event. Two other students Mike Hollins and Marlee Morgan were also injured in the event but got discharged from the hospital after the incident. Reportedly The football team celebrated their achievement last week.

virginia football players killed in shooting
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Over Nine thousand people joined the emotional memorial held by the university on November 19. In an emotional statement the head football coach Tony Elliott ” those three players are now our light, now they will guide us for our better future. The 21st Annual Lighting on the Lawn ceremony was also hosted by the university on December 1, where the students of the university pay their tribute to the victims. A holiday poem was read at the event but the poem is reading for honoring the young men.

“This is the time to remember our light and fill our dream with energetic glare, this year has given us something hard to face but we all face them together and we will achieve our goal with the grace of god.” as told by the Football coach Elliot on the event. Julie Caruccio is among the four readers on the stage who also expressed her feelings for the students. “Devin, Lavel and D’Sean were the three glowing lights above our heads they all are providing the light for hope for all of us” Caruccio read at the event.

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