Matt Silvestrini a army veteran passed at 38

Matt Silvestrini, a local officer and Army veteran battling brain cancer, passed away on Saturday surrounded by his family, according to a police announcement on Facebook. He was 38.

Silvestrini was a family man 

According to police, Silvestrini was known for his devotion to his family, including his two children, aged 8 and 11, and his work.

Before joining the Middletown Police Department in 2012, Silvestrini served in the U.S. Army and was a police officer in New Haven, according to the police.

Silvestrini was an instructor and member of the Middletown Police Department’s Emergency Response Team and Firearms Unit.

Bodell stated that he was proud of his accreditation as a marksman who educated all officers, including the chief, and had a tight relationship with the particular response unit.

In 2016, at 32, he was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma, according to a September crowdfunding campaign created for the family’s benefit. According to the page, he underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and brain surgery and has been cancer-free for five years.

In November of last year, Silvestrini’s physician notified him that an MRI indicated the growth of the tumour. According to the fundraising website, the disease was more aggressive this time and limited therapy possibilities. As of Sunday, the website has raised $107,000 for his family.

Career of Silvestrini 

When it became clear that Silvestrini would be unable to return to work, the department, according to Bodell, rallied around him.Bodell said a fundraiser held at Sicily Coal Fired Pizza on Main Street raised between $15,000 and $17,000. Donations from other organisations, such as the Hometown Foundation’s $20,000 for his children’s education, also aided the family.

Bodell stated that although he was unable to attend the fundraising activities in person, the department connected him to the event via Facetime. “I think that gave him confidence that his family will be provided for,” Bodell added. They will long be a member of the Middletown police family.

Bodell stated that a Middletown police car with black mourning bands had been put in front of the station for citizens who wished to pay their respects.

In a Facebook post, authorities expressed gratitude to the community for supporting the department’s fundraising efforts in Silvestrini’s honour.

“On behalf of the Silvestrini family, we would like to thank everyone who helped us raise money for him,” the message stated.

Bodell said he chose to highlight this in the Facebook post announcing Silvestrini’s death since Silvestrini was known for going on to the next experience, whether it was a marathon or triathlon.

“We ask that you keep the Silvestrini Family in your thoughts and prayers, especially as we approach the holidays,” the post said. “While our hearts are heavy, we know Matt is finally at peace…. Riding off into the sunset looking for his next adventure!”

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