How did Esmae Doucette die? Family of ‘Radiant’ Slain NH Woman Opens Up About ‘Unfathomable Loss’

This week in Jackson, New Hampshire, a 23-year-old woman named Esmae Doucette was fatally shot inside an apartment complex. According to the attorney general’s office, the man responsible for the tragic shooting was apprehended.

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How did Esmae Doucette die?

On November 30, 2022, Esmae Doucette of Jackson, New Hampshire, was discovered dead in her residence. Since the day Esmae was found shot and dead, Attorney General John M. Formella and his team have been looking for a suspect concerning her shooting.

The investigation team was sent shortly after to the Dana Place Apartments on Route 16 in Jackson on Wednesday just before 7:30 p.m. for information regarding a gunshot wound. Police said nobody was in her residence when a shooter shot and killed her.

Esmae was taken to the Memorial Hospital in North Conway after the police discovered her suffering from a gunshot wound in her residence. Doucette passed away on Friday, two days later, following injuries sustained from a gunshot.

Who Killed Esmae Doucette?

According to the attorney general’s office, Esmae Doucette was fatally shot last week in Jackson, New Hampshire. The accused in that case has been identified as 22-year-old Brandon Mitchell from Jackson. He was charged with several offences, including the murder of a woman, 23 among them.

Brandon Mitchell was the subject of a Second Degree Murder arrest warrant issued shortly after he shot her. He is being held by police and will stand trial in Carroll County on December 5.

Esmae Doucette
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Police Statement

According to the representative, Brandon reportedly shot her on Wednesday. As of this writing, it is unknown why he shot the man. According to an autopsy report, the woman died from a gunshot wound, and Formella’s office said on Saturday that her death had been classified as an assassination.

In a statement on this incident, the office of New Hampshire Attorney General John M. Formella stated that it “Manifested an extraordinary indifference to the worth of human life.”

People’s Reaction

John M. Formella reassured the public that we would take all necessary steps to bring the guilty to justice. In addition, we recognise that following an occurrence like this, some community members could feel frightened.

Kevin Burke says, “I don’t like petty arrests, but when they capture those shooters and keep the streets safe, To the fullest extent possible, the police must be called to deal with these insane individuals.” May God grant her family the fortitude to struggle through this trying time.

“Yes,” said Rick. Making a jail similar to hell and imprisoning them there until they perish is the only solution to this problem. I will happily and cheerfully pay higher taxes for new jails and prisons.

Family of ‘Radiant’ Slain NH Woman Opens Up About ‘Unfathomable Loss’

The grieving family of a lady who was shot to death in northern New Hampshire last week in an incident that police call second-degree murder has stated in response to their loss.

According to authorities, Esmae Doucette, 23, was shot on Wednesday night at the Dana Place Apartments in Jackson and later passed away in the hospital. In connection with her death, 22-year-old Brandon Mitchell is accused of second-degree murder.

Doucette was characterised as friendly, giving, and well-liked by her family in a statement issued by Jackson police on Sunday.

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