Broadway star, Quentin Oliver passes away at 34

According to his wife’s web post, Broadway star Lee died at 34. The tweet comes six months after Lee said he had stage 4 colon cancer.

Lee’s wife, Angie, announced her husband’s death on Instagram on Friday, writing, “Quentin departed in the small hours of the morning.” It was the most lovely moment of my life. I saw his last breaths, gripped his hand tightly, and felt his pulse slowly fade away. He was smiling and surrounded by folks he cared about. It was serene and ideal.”

In the notification, Lee’s wife did not identify the reason for death.

She added a photo of her husband and their daughter in the post and referred to him as “an outstanding guy, husband, father, son, brother, friend, singer, actor.”

Quentin has graduated from Northern Arizona University 

Quentin graduated from Northern Arizona University and worked as a music instructor at the Flagstaff School of Music. According to Broadway World, he appeared as a soloist on many occasions.

“Our family and religion support and raise Samantha and me,” she stated. Please forgive me if I do not react, but please know that your words and love have been read and felt.”

“Prince of Broadway” and “Caroline, or Change” are among Lee’s Broadway credits.

“The Phantom family is devastated to learn of the demise of Quentin Oliver Lee,” the production announced on its verified Instagram. In 2018, Quentin wonderfully led our North American tour. Our thoughts and prayers are with Quentin’s family and friends.”

He released a picture of his hospital wristband six months ago after being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

“I’m a parent, husband, teacher, Broadway and Metropolitan Opera performer, and soon-to-be cancer survivor,” he wrote at the time. It’s tough to earn a living while going through chemo, surgery, and coping with these ugly cancer symptoms that might last for who knows how long.

“All of you have already shown your love and support in so many ways. Know that any donation will help us pay medical bills, keep the lights on, keep food on the table, and help Angie and me stay focused on beating this disease instead of worrying about how we can meet our needs.”

He was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

He was told he had stage 4 colon cancer. Which finally killed him. After his performance in Oratorio for Living Things in May 2022, he was diagnosed with the condition.

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the large intestine and affects mainly older people. It starts with the formation of tiny, non-cancerous clumps of cells called polyps inside the colon, which eventually turn cancerous.

While breaking the news, he tweeted a photo of his hospital wristband and noted that the whole year had been a difficult road for him after his sold-out performance and catching the condition at the same time.

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