Athena Strand Update: FedEx driver arrested for killing a 7-year-old after a body was discovered 6 miles from the house

Authorities said on Friday that the body of Texas girl Athena Strand, 7, who went missing two days earlier, had been discovered six miles from her home.

According to digital proof and a confession, the sheriff of Wise County, Lane Akin, a FedEx truck driver, kidnapped Athena, who most likely passed away an hour later.

Tanner Lynn Horner, the driver, is being held in custody at the Wise County Jail on suspicion of capital murder and brutal kidnapping.

The child went missing the previous night in Paradise, and an Amber Alert was issued for him on Thursday.

The child was delivered home from school on Wednesday at 4.30 p.m., according to the Wise County Sheriff’s Office.

Around 6.40 p.m. that day, Athena’s stepmother reportedly didn’t find her in her room after an argument, so she called the police to report her missing.

Missing 7-year-old Texas girl’s body found

Authorities have reported that Athena Strand, a 7-year-old Texas girl who went missing two days ago, has been found dead six miles from her house.

According to Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin, Athena was kidnapped by a FedEx truck driver. According to digital evidence and a confession, she most likely passed away within an hour. CBS News reported this.

Athena Strand
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Tanner Lynn Horner, the driver, is being taken in custody at the Wise County Jail on suspicion of capital murder and brutal kidnapping.

Athena’s home reportedly received a gift from Horner around the time she vanished, according to Mr Akin.

About 200 yards from the house, in her driveway, he indicated she was likely kidnapped.

Who is Athena Strand?

Since Wednesday, Athena Strand, 7, has vanished from her Paradise, Texas, home (30 November).

The next day, after she was reported missing by her stepmother, the Wise County Sheriff’s Office issued an Amber Alert for her.

Following an altercation, the stepmother reported the incident at 6:40 p.m. on Wednesday when she discovered Athena was not in her room.

During a news conference on Friday, officials stated that the disagreement was not “uncommon” and that the child “walked away” but did not return.

Although no foul play is currently suspected, an abduction has not been ruled out; according to Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin, it is thought that her health and safety may be in jeopardy.

Athena wasn’t in her room when stepmom returned from preparing dinner and went to get her, according to Mr Akin.

Who are Athena Strand Parents?

On Thursday, the Wise County Sheriffs said that the search for Athena Strand is still ongoing and that investigators plan to continue investigating into the night.

Authorities say that she could be in danger because an Amber Alert was issued earlier in the day. The police ask that anyone with information get in touch with them. as of Tuesday, There was a minor altercation between her and her stepmother. Kaitlyn Gandy, Athena’s mother, lives in southwest Oklahoma.

Despite having primary custody, the mother told FOX 4 that she permitted her daughter to spend the fall semester in Texas with her father and stepmother.

Strand was wearing a grey long-sleeve shirt, blue pants with white flowers embroidered on the pockets, and brown boots when he was last seen. She has two red birthmarks that are noticeable on her lower back, pierced ears, but no jewelry.

A missing 7-year-old girl was last seen in Wise County late on Wednesday afternoon; an alert was issued Thursday afternoon as multiple state and local law enforcement organisations joined the hunt.

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