Who is Ngozi Fulani? The head of the Sistah Space charity and what has she stated regarding the interaction with Lady Susan Hussey?

The Sistah Space organization was co-founded in 2015 by 61-year-old Ngozi Fulani. The sole organization in the UK, Sistah Space, focuses on providing aid to female African and Caribbean domestic abuse victims. In the UK, Ms. Fulani was born.

Her parents came from Barbados to London in the 1950s, becoming a part of the Windrush generation. The organisation’s director had earned a degree in African studies from the London School of Oriental and African Studies, where she had also directed an African dance troupe. However, Ms. Fulani’s perspective altered after Valerie Forde, 45, and her 22-month-old daughter were killed in 2014 by Valerie’s ex-partner.

Ms. Fulani, who at the time was a marriage registrar, was moved by the tale and later pursued advocacy training for domestic abuse. In the end, she took the initiative and started her own organization, Sistah Space, to support other African and Caribbean women who were experiencing domestic abuse.

About Ngozi Fulani

On February 27, 1965, Ngozi Fulani was born to Gladstone Headley and Mildred in London. She received a Master of Arts (M.A.) in African studies with African film, music, and performance from SOAS University of London, the specifics of which are still unknown.

She then graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education for Secondary Education and Training. She is married, and she and her spouse have three kids together: Kas Headley, Adwa Headley Stushie, and Djan Headley.

Ngozi Fulani says racism she experienced from Lady Hussey was 'abuse' | The Independent
Source: The Independent

Ngozi Fulani Controversy

Ngozi Fulani talked to The Independent about her “traumatic” run-in with Lady Susan Hussey, the late Queen’s Lady-in-waiting. She charged that the Buckingham Palace encouraged systemic racism. She asserted that there is no protection against such incidents for black people. She uttered:

“This is a broader issue than one person. Institutional racism is the cause. What can we learn from this? What safeguards against that treatment do Black people have? This terrible episode demonstrates that nothing has changed. During an occasion Camilla, the Queen Consort, was hosting, Fulani and Hussey had a talk. This was the first significant occasion during her rule to recognise the efforts of anti-domestic violence activists. Despite Fulani repeatedly stating that she was from Britain, Hussey kept asking where she was from.

Ngozi Fulani added that the Lady stroked Fulani’s hair without her consent in order to view her name tag in addition to the barrage of inquiries. Fulani referred to this as abuse and stated Hussey was adamant that Fulani was not a British national. Susan Hussey left her post, and a representative for Prince William condemned any racist behaviour at Palace-sponsored events in a statement.

Ms. Fulani expressed surprise by the encounter and said as a result she had “mixed thoughts” about her stay at the palace. As soon as her tweet went viral, Buckingham Palace and Lady Hussey herself responded.

The head of the nonprofit has since discussed her experience in a number of interviews. The discussion felt more like a “interrogation” where she was being pressured to “denounce her British citizenship,” she added, telling the BBC that she thought Lady Hussey had “abused” her.

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