Who are Nikola Vlasic’s Parents? Who is Nikola Vlašić, wife or girlfriend?

What kind of parents is Nikola Vlasic? For information about Nikola Vlasic’s parents and a biography of the man, see this article. Football player Nikola Vlasic is from Croatia.

Who are Nikola Vlasic’s Parents?

On October 4, 1997, Nikola Vlasic, a professional football player from Croatia, was born. Because so many people are interested in the private lives of their favourite celebrities, Nikola Vlasic’s Parents is the most frequently searched term online. Find out more about Nikola Vlasic’s parents and other topics in this article.

The parents of Nikola Vlasic are reportedly Josko Vlasic and Venera Milin.

Nikola Vlasic Father

Now that Josko Vlasic is known, everyone looking for the name of Nikola Vlasic’s father will be informed.

Nikola Vlasic Mother

Venera Milin is the name of Nikola Vlasic’s mother. Regarding the mother of Nikola Vlasic, not much is known.

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Biography of Nikola Vlasic

At a very young age, in 2006, Nikola Vlai started playing football. For two years, he attended Omladinac Vranjic Academy. After that, when he was 12 years old, he was sent to Hajduk Split.

Nikola worked his way up the ranks until he was selected for the senior team in 2014, at which point he took over as the team’s vice-captain.

On August 31, 2017, Vlai agreed to a $10 million five-year contract with the English Premier League team, Everton. Before the team’s new coach, he established himself as a significant member. For the 2018–19 season, he was loaned to CSKA Moscow 2018.

After being pleased with his performance, CSKA offered him a five-year contract. He played for three years before moving to West Ham in 2021, where he signed a five-year contract worth €30 million.

In the Italian Serie A Ligue in 2022, he was loaned to Torino.

He is involved in representing Croatia abroad. He participated in the Croatia U-16, the 2018 UEFA Nations League, the 2019 UEFA U-21 Euro, the 2020 UEFA Nations League, and the 2020 UEFA Euro.

Who is Nikola Vlašić, wife or girlfriend?

The wife of Nikola Vlai is named Ana Vella. At Split, Croatia’s St. Lawrence Church, the pair exchanged vows on May 22, 2021.

In the same year, they welcomed a cheerful boy into the world named Noa Vella.

Nikola Vlasic Biography

We’ve put Nikola Vlasic’s biography here because many people might need to be more familiar with him. According to woodgrain, Nikola Vlasic was born on October 4, 1997, and is now 25 years old. Woodgrain claims that he is a professional footballer by trade and that he is a Croatian citizen. Due to his increasing popularity during his career, Nikola Vlasic has amassed a sizable following.

Nikola Vlašić net worth

The Croatian football player currently has a market value of 30 million euros. He is thought to be worth around 4 million euros.


1. Who is Nikola Vlasic’s father and mother?

Ans. Parents of Nikola Vlasic are Venera Milin and Josko Vlasic.

2. Who is Nikola Vlasic, and why?

Ans. Football player Nikola Vlasic is from Croatia.

3. Who is Wife of Nikola Vlasic?

Ans. Ana Vlasic is Nikola Vlasic’s wife.

4. Who is Nikola Vlasic, exactly?

Ans. Football player Nikola Vlasic plays professionally.

5. On what day was Nikola Vlasic born?

Ans. On October 4, 1997, Nikola Vlasic was born.

6. Nikola Vlasic’s age.

Ans. He is twenty-five.

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