The Dallas Cowboys’s Dak Prescott asks for grace in the wake of the Lebron James-Jerry Jones tiff

There is no need to give attention to racism apart from it we need to focus on being more empathetic and giving grace to each other told by the Dak Prescott. Dallas Cowboys member shares his thought on this whole scenario. he gives his thoughts and pictures shared all over the internet of the owner of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones attending a desegregation protest in 1957. 

 Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James start the controversy by accusing media on the point of a racist double standard after beating the Trail Blazers in a difference of  128-109. The picture was around 65 years old and at that time Jones was 14 years old. Now many people are blaming Jones are a supporter of racism. after the incident Jones accepted that he was standing in people, my motive was only to watch the incident or what happened there, I’m not there for supporting anyone. I was there only for curiosity. 

In this picture, white students block the doors of North Little Rock High School and try to deny access to six African American students in the school. the picture was too old, it’s from around 1957.

More details about Jerry Jones:

Jerry Jones
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Jerral “Jerry” Wayne Jones the full name of Jones was born on October 13, 1942. Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Lose angles is the birthplace of Jones but later his family moved to North Little Rock, Arkansas. then he attends the University of Arkansas. He played for the National Championship football team and also play the role of wise captain. 

He owned the Dallas Cowboys for $140 million from H.R. “Bum” Bright in 1989. as soon he purchased the Dallas Cowboys, after just that he fired the long-time coach Tom Landry. after some time he also fired some higher officials from the team took the control all over the team.  Gene Jones is the wife of Jones, and they both have three children named Stephen, Charlotte and Jerry, Jr.; also they have nine grandchildren. An online poll survey was held in 2003 for the least favourite sports personalities; the name Jones appeared in the result of the survey. 

Personal information about Dak Prescott:

Dak Prescott is a star player of the Dallas Cowboys, In the 2016 NFL draft, he was picked in the 4th round by the Dallas cowboys. he was born on July 29, 1993. he played for  Mississippi State, where he received the award of first-team All-SEC honours twice. he was born in Louisiana, United States. He has American by nationality and belief in the Christian religion. 

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