Morocco’s FIFA World Cup run is a success story for migrants

Morocco Creates history after defeating Canada by 2-1 and entering the Knockout stage for the first time since 1986. Both teams faced their third 3rd match in this FIFA World Cup. Morocco starts their campaign with Croatia with a draw. In the 2nd match, they win against Belgium 2-0. Last night after defeating Canada Morocco secured the final 16 teams. With the help of Hakim Ziyech’s goal and the mistake from Canada’s goalkeeper helps  Morocco takes the lead at the beginning of the match. Youssef En-Nesyri kicked the 2nd goal in the 23rd minute, giving a 2-0 lead to Morocco. Canada also scored a goal in the 40th minute with the help of Nayef Aguero. Both teams struggled in the 2nd half to score a goal but no one succeeds. 

If we talk about the FIFA World Cup 2018, had becomes a nightmare for Morocco. they did not qualify for the Knock out stage. Actually, the reason behind this is Morocco was struggling through that lack of individual talent. but among of all players, one is trying his best to represent his national team. this is the Munir El-Haddadi, he is the most emerging talent in the whole of Europe in the Early 2010s,  Barcelona also sees its future in The Munir.

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Munir’s father is basically from Morocco and later immigrated to Spain at a very young age later Munir is identified as having North African roots. and the interesting thing is that he represented Spain in all age group matches, and appeared also in the senior team in 2014. Morocco requested FIFA to change the about to switch the national team. The rule is that ” if someone played three matches for a nation then he is unable to play for another country. To change this rule FIFA takes too much time and finally, FIFA changed the rule in 2020.

If the rule was not changed, might be Morocco never seen the magic of Munir.  In 2020 after changing the rule Munir Associated with the national team of Morocco. then the national team shows how much they depended on the migrants and naturalised foreign citizens to succeed in the bigger tournaments.

And this Planning is worked out for the team, and Team entered the Knock out stage after 36 years and also become the second African country to qualify for Knock out round. The strongest teams of this world cup Belgium and Croatia, both secured third and second place in FIFA 2018. Both teams were beaten by Morocco in this world cup. the 2-0 win on Belgium was shocking to the fan of this game and after watching the thrilling performance of the player, it becomes looking that there would be something interesting happened in the game with Canada. As assumed Moroccon plays again a splendid game and wins the match.     

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