It’s a nightmare World Cup for Belgium after Lukaku misses hat-trick of sitters

Romelu Lukaku’s facial expressions are so Painful after playing a draw against Croatia. Belgium missed the Knock out-group. he looked extremely sad after the match and was trying to hide his facial expression. Croatia did its work after stopping the match on the draw and with the help of this draw, they entered the Knock Out group. however, Croatia was shown excellent skills in the last world cup and this year they are also playing with the same spirit to win the world cup so they Managed is 0-0 draw in the final group stage Match. 

Morocco was the 2nd team who secured the position in final 16 by defeating Canada by 2-1 from group F. Morocco secure the first position with 7 points while Croatia placed 2nd with the help of 5 points. Belgium finished their torment with four points and Canada did not make a single point in the World Cup. After a slow first half, Belgium brought its star player Romelu Lukaku after the halftime break. This excellent striker tries very hard to make the goal and also makes a positive impact on the team members.

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Apart from all of this he was also trying to hit Croatia’s post at the hour mark but could not succeed to convert it into a goal.on the other side, Croatia plays a very calm game in the last minutes and stop all attacks from Belgium. Belgium currently holds the 2nd position in the team ranking and also he was a semi-finalist in the last world cup. Belgium’s Players could not handle the pressure in a proper way and failed to even a single goal in the entire match.

Till Now Croatia looking very aggressive in this tournament and the fans of the team looking very confident about winning the world cup. No one takes risks and both teams play a very slow game all over the match. although some drama was also seen throughout the match, Croatia got a penalty in the 16th minute when Andrej Kramaric’s toe was clipped by Yannick Carrasco, and then Anthony Taylor quickly saw the whole thing and awarded a penalty to Croatia. but the twist is coming when Luka Modric is all set to take the kick, Taylor was instructed to go through the VAR monitor, and then he reversed his decision. 

Now maybe this was the last world cup of the golden generation. Romelu Lukaku, Thibaut Courtois, Eden Hazard, and Kevin De Bruyne,  most probably played his last world cup. They were supposedly trying to win the world cup for their nation. This multi-racial team looked very sad after the drawn match with Croatia. Dominik Livakovic, the Croatian Goalkeeper hopelessly changed his position and Lukaku hit the near post but Dries Mertens failed to convert it into a goal. Belgium makes 4 points in three games. the Golder generation shows the worst performance in this tournament. after losing the match 0-2 against Morocco. it was clearly looking hard to clear the group stage for Belgium. 

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